17+ People Who Noticed When Something Seemed 'Off'

We can often feel that the world is stacked unfairly against us from time to time, and that is perfectly natural.

And, a few of the more low-key examples of this are these 17+ times people were playing a rigged game!

"Even if you fight, you can't win."

Jesus, this wild monkey has one hell of a strong reputation! I wonder if it knows or if it is blissfully unaware of the fear it's potential presence strikes in the hearts of the locals!

"This maze game..."

Oh dear Rocco, it appears that you're going to spend the rest of your days rusting away in that little spit of land. Truly, this is a harsh lesson about the futility of existence for these kids.

"This must be a new game I haven't heard of."

Make sure that you remind your kids not to play this game, it's fun as hell but it's a short and messy game!

"My dog is 16, so I figured it's time for some driving lessons."

I think that everyone has a similarly unsettled and worried expression whenever they first get behind the wheel of a car!

"Dial 999 for...oh."

"So, did you put the phone up Dave?"

"Yep, no problem whatsoever."

"Great, now people only need to call 999 on that and help will be with them immediately."

"What number is that?"

"Isn't the wheel at the bottom sort of kind of cheating?"

This would really have made things easier for our Lord and Saviour. You'd have thought he would have "miracled" one on for himself really!

"When does the O's play?"

Well, this just proves what I've been saying for years, the best way to win naughts and crosses is to go twice for every one of your opponent's moves!

"Everybody loves beach basketball!"

Truly this was the worst inclusion to beach sports since the inclusion of beach hockey.

"Today my GF is 23..."

Time to start getting to work on some creative mathematic ways to make this work! One person suggested, "Maybe you can do 68 - 45?"

"This sign has been stolen too many times I guess."

I mean, come on! If you name a street something like "Horneytown Road" then you have to expect this kind of thing to happen!

"In the Disney Villains deck of playing cards, the Queen of Hearts is the three of Clubs."

This is actually staggering. How...just how, does someone think, "You know when I see the Queen of Hearts, I just think...3 of Spades!"

"Sign for laser tag really limits who can play."

Yeah, I feel like they are really limiting their target audience with these very specific rules! They must have really cornered the 6-year-olds' birthday party market though, which is something?

Making Sure No One Cheats At Dominos!

This person explained, "My aunt says I cheat at dominos by looking at the smudges and scratches of the back of the dominos, so every time we are invited over to play, she washes the dominos."

"When you drop the milk just right!"

The one thing you cannot do in this cry over it!

I can only apologise for that "joke."

"She already won, and 3 pieces are floating!"

Someone really needs to tell the kids on the box, or the guy who designed it, how to play this game. You would have thought that the game being called "Line up 4" here would have been an indication though.

"'O' could have won legally, but NO, he had to be a bitch and draw his O outside the box just for the sake of this crappy design."

Also, there is a difference between thinking outside of the box and just blatantly cheating...isn't there?

"This is made for toddlers and I can't find a single word."

"We need a way to keep kids occupied for a long time."

"What about a word search where none of the words we ask for are in the word search!"

"Satan, I knew there was a reason why they called you the prince of darkness."


"Someone chose the wrong colors on my boardroom doors at work."

This is just asking for trouble. I cannot imagine how many uncomfortable rattling of handles this would lead to!

"This claw game seems rigged..."

Nah, that's dead easy. You just go for the little paper tag attached to the Dell and then drag it through the hole! Easy peasy.

"The game is rigged!"

Damn it, Annette! It seems like corruption really does exist at all levels of business! Shame on you Annette!