10+ Tricks For Getting Your Home And Life Ready For Winter

We've had some really cold days this month, and I am not ready for winter to hit. But it's inevitably going to happen, and I guess the best we can do is prepare for the cold weather.

So, I've found some great tips and tricks that are sure to help us get prepared! Whether it's getting our homes winter-ready or getting our lives ready to brace the cold, these hacks are sure to help you out.

1. Shovelling snow is no joke, it takes a heck of a long time and isn't easy.

Krazy Coupon Lady | Krazy Coupon Lady

Krazy Coupon Lady recommends stocking up on cooking spray for the winter so you can spray your shovel! That way, snow won't stick to it. Genius, right?!

2. Don't forget to trim those trees!

The Creekline House | The Creekline House

The Creekline House reminds us that the last thing we want is snow to build up on branches, causing them to break. Definitely worth taking some time to cut those low-hanging branches down!

3. When was the last time you checked your smoke detectors?!

Pixabay | PublicDomainPictures

Pretty Handy Girl reminds us that we're supposed to check them every season, and that includes winter! Might as well change those batteries and check your carbon monoxide detectors, too.

4. KICX917 suggests putting socks on your windshield wipers.

YouTube | KICX917

Apparently it will keep them from frosting over or sticking to your windshield. Tbh, I'll try anything to avoid that from happening again this winter.

What about you? Willing to give it a try?!

5. Boots are the worst shoes to find a place for in my house.

Organize Your Stuff Now | Organize Your Stuff Now

However, Organize Your Stuff Now has found an easy way to keep them upright and organized. Use pool noodles!

6. I get it, you want to stay warm and be fashionable, too.

Krazy Coupon Lady | Krazy Coupon Lady

That means heavy winter boots aren't always in the cards. Krazy Coupon Lady suggests putting pieces of felt wool inside to keep your feeties warm.

7. This next hack is so simple, I need to give it a try ASAP.

Instructables | DIY Hacks And How Tos

Want toasty warm bedsheets?! Put a heated blanket between your sheets before heading to bed. You'll have the best sleep ever!

8. AND, you can do the same thing with your clothes.

Instructables | DIY Hacks And How Tos

I HATE changing out of my PJs into my clothes on winter mornings. This might be the trick I need to help get me moving.

9. This hack is great for keeping your home warm and helping you save on energy bills.

Instructables | Barry McGowan

Barry suggests putting a pool noodle on the bottoms of your doors to block drafts. Simple, but it works!

10. And if you don't have, or can't find, a pool noodle, you can always get a door snake!

Get Buttoned Up | Get Buttoned Up

It's basically the same idea: You use it to block the draft from the bottom of the door. Thanks to Get Buttoned Up for the tip!

11. Winter air is hella dry, and I'm already starting to feel the effects. 

Pixabay | guvo59

And dry air and a spark are nobody's friend. Make sure you clean out your lint traps in your dryer to keep everyone safe!

12. Insulate all of your pipes!

The DIY Village | The DIY Village

Frozen pipes are no good, ever. Think about insulating them, which will also help with keeping your water nice and hot. Thanks DIY Village for the suggestion!

13. Double-check all of your outdoor lights before the weather starts to get chilly.

Creekline House | Creekline House

You're better off changing them now instead of doing it in the freezing cold! Thanks to Creekline House for the suggestion.

14. Insulate absolutely everything, seriously.

Imgur | Imgur

If you want to keep energy bills low and the warmth in your house high, insulate everything. I honestly didn't know you could insulate your electrical outlets.

15. Okay, so maybe it's not inside your house, but if you drive, this will be useful. 

Krazy Coupon Lady | Krazy Coupon Lady

If you want to avoid your mirrors from frosting over, try putting a plastic bag over top of them when your car is parked! Thanks Krazy Coupon Lady for the tip.

16. An Imgur user thought that a terra-cotta pot with a hole in it was a great way to spread salt.

Imgur | Imgur

I guess they aren't wrong about that! What an innovative way to use a pot.

17. Make sure you fill in all the gaps on the outside of your house!

The DIY Village | The DIY Village

This is definitely important for a bunch of reasons! It'll help keep pests out who want to escape the cold, and it'll also keep the cold out, too. Thanks DIY Village for the tips!

18. We talked about keeping our shoes warm, but what about making them waterproof?!

You can use a candle or beeswax to coat your shoes in a protective layer. Kind of neat, huh?

19. Did you know the switch on your ceiling fan actually has a purpose?!

Mom4Real | Mom4Real

When you push it one way, the blades spin to push the cool air down, when you push it the other way, the blades spin to push warm air down.

20. Got static?!

Tumblr | IPPINKA

I know my hair gets frizzy and staticky every single winter. Want an easy way to tame it? Add a dryer sheet to your brush!

21. I love being cold, except when I want to be warm.

Krazy Coupon Lady | Krazy Coupon Lady

In the winter I am a huge fan of wearing pantyhose under my jeans. Apparently, Krazy Coupon Lady agrees.

22. Speaking of pantyhose, don't they suck?

Krazy Coupon Lady | Krazy Coupon Lady

With the cold weather comes the need to cover those legs up. But, they always seem to rip or tear. Clear nail polish can help us out, according to Krazy Coupon Lady!

23. Have you ever thought of using bubble wrap to insulate your home?

Organization Junkie | Organization Junkie

Me neither, but Organization Junkie recommends it. It might not look pretty, but if it keeps you warm, who cares?