Fans Are Praising Hilaria Baldwin's Post-Baby Bod 3 Months After Giving Birth

Some people have the incredibly luck of the genetic lottery to be able to bounce back into fantastic shape no matter what happens to them — including giving birth to five children. For me, I can't bounce back after eating five donuts, let alone after birthing five humans, but Hilaria Baldwin clearly doesn't have that problem!

Hilaria Baldwin is a mother of five, although you wouldn't know it to look at her!

Hilaria and her husband, actor Alec Baldwin, have five children together: Leonardo, Carmen, Rafael, Romeo, and Eduardo, all under the age of 7.

Their youngest, Eduardo, was born just three months ago, and Hilaria is already making waves by showing off her post-baby bod.

Hilaria shared a photo of herself with Eduardo to her Instagram, and she looks absolutely stunning!

Hilaria looks better three months after giving birth than I have honestly ever looked, so whatever she's doing is clearly working for her!

Fans were quick to jump into her Instagram comments to congratulate her bouncing back!

One fan said Hilaria was "unbelievable after having all kids and you look like you're 20."

"Incredible.... What do you do to be back in form so soon???" one fan asked, while another wrote, "You look amazing, wish I looked 1% as good after having my babies."