Arnold Schwarzenegger Reunited With The Kids From 'Kindergarten Cop' For 30th Anniversary

I won't lie to you, a lot of movies from the '90s just have not held up well. It's not their fault. They couldn't have known. I'm from the '90s and I also haven't aged well — it happens! But one movie that stands just as hilarious now as it was when it was released 30 years ago is Arnold Schwarzenegger's Kindergarten Cop.

*Kindergarten Cop* is honestly a classic.

Every time I watch it, I laugh until I cry! It's the perfect movie to make you glad you don't have kids if you don't, and remind you why you love yours so much if you do.

Or at least why you're glad yours are all grown up now, anyway.

Arnold Schwarzenegger showed off a pretty new side of himself in that movie.

There's something inherently heartwarming about seeing a big guy with a lot of little kids, and they don't get much bigger than Arnie!

Arnold recently virtually reunited with the kids he starred with in Kindergarten Cop in celebrating of the film's 30th anniversary!

“Without any doubt, it was the performance of you kids that really made this movie,” Arnold told them, sounding every bit like the teacher he played.

“That’s what made it endearing, that’s what made it successful, and people wanted to watch it over and over again," he went on.

That's absolutely true — the kids were so funny and played off Arnold's stern nature so well!

“It was a warm-up for my kids,” Arnold added (he's now a father of five, but his first child was only a few months old when the film came out)!

“By hanging out with you guys between the breaks and talking to you guys and all that, this movie really helped me become a better parent myself. It really helped me raise my kids," Arnold went on.

This is so sweet! There's something in my eye, and it is not a tumor.

Arnold said that after the pandemic was over they needed to all have an in-person reunion, saying, “We’ll have it at my house, we’ll get together and have a party and get the gossip going!”

“I want all the details about how you got here from 30 years ago. I’m proud of all of you, so keep up the good work.”

This is amazing, and so sweet! Arnold really sounds like a kindergarten teacher who's proud of all of his students after they've grown up.

Be honest, though — is anyone else feeling absolutely ancient that the kids from Kindergarten Cop are in their 30's now? I need to go lie down for several days. Do not come looking for me.