Fans Celebrate James Van Der Beek's 'Real Parenting' As His Daughter Drops F-Bombs

One rule of parenting you'll hear a lot online is that if you laugh at something your kid does (like swearing), they'll just do it more and more in order to make you laugh.

Despite knowing that, sometimes you just can't help but crack up, which is something actor James Van Der Beek knows very well.

In a video shared on James' Instagram, one of James' children can be seen telling their youngest, Gwendolyn, to "say the F Word!"

Gwendolyn, 2, definitely obliges, and screams the curse word in some various styles, including preceding "off, Daddy," which seems to be a big hit with the rest of the family, as the camera pans around to show James' wife Kimberly cracks up.

James turns the camera around on himself, also laughing at Gwendolyn's newest trick.

Fans in the comments of the video were delighted to see James and Kimberly being just like them as parents, with one fan writing, "I love that you are REAL PARENTS..... It happens," and another adding, "this is what parenting really looks like lol!!!"

James captioned the video in a similar vein, writing, "Please please please tell me it’s not too late to submit for 'Parents Of The Year.'"

You can watch the video for yourself right here — but be warned, it has a lot of foul language from a hilarious two year old!

What do you think? Is laughing at a toddler swearing a recipe for them to swear more, or is it just a little bit of harmless fun? Let us know in the comments!