Even More Hidden Movie Details Fans Probably Didn't Catch On Their First Viewing

Think you're a true movie buff?

If so, you're probably a super sleuth at catching hidden details. This includes everything from celeb cameos, to callbacks to other movies, to lots of clever foreshadowing.

Ready for more mind-blowing realizations? Here are even more hidden movie details that fans didn't catch the first time around.

1. The celeb cameo in *A Christmas Story*

There is a cool cameo in the beloved holiday flick.

Jean Shepherd, the creator, narrator, screenwriter, and author of the book the movie was based on, played the guy who directs the kids to the end of the line for Santa.

2. The Beatles recreation in *The Hangover*

This is certainly the only thing the characters had in common with The Beatles. This iconic shot has been recreated many times in pop culture.

Given this, it basically means that John, Paul, Ringo, and George were a wolfpack!

3. The X in *The Departed*

If you're a character in this movie, you do not want to see an "X" anywhere near you. Fans soon noticed that it's always visible on the screen right before a character dies.

X marks the spot, we guess.

4. The apples and banana in *Ace Ventura: Pet Detective*

This was placed strategically to foreshadow the fact that Lt. Lois Einhorn's desk was born with a penis.

As clever as they thought they were, moments like this don't age well.

5. The license plate on Andy's mom's van in *Toy Story.*

This hidden detail is one that you'll find in almost every single Pixar movie.

It's a huge nod to the classroom number for the first-year graphic design and character animation class at the California Institute of the Arts.

6. The broken trance in *Get Out*

Remember when Georgina accidentally spilled the iced tea? As it turns out, that wasn't the result of her being clumsy.

This happened because Missy accidentally hit her spoon against her glass, causing Georgina to momentarily break her hypnosis.

7. Spider-Man was the little boy in *Iron Man 2*

No wonder these two had such a bond.

Peter Parker, played by Tom Holland, was the little boy in an Iron Man mask who stares down a robot at the Stark Expo. Tony ends up saving him.

In case you're wondering about the validity of this, it was confirmed by Marvel boss, Kevin Feige.

“I can confirm that, that is Peter Parker,” Holland told the Huffington Post after a conversation with Kevin.

"It’s cool. I like the idea that Peter Parker has been in the universe since the beginning.”

8. Sid was the garbage man in *Toy Story 3*

We all know Sid: He was the once-evil kid who saw all of the toys come to life.

But in the third movie, we got to see him all grown up as the garbage man. We know this by his skull shirt that he has worn since the beginning.

9. The Joker's nametag in *The Dark Knight*

Get ready to feel all the feels over this hidden detail.

The Joker's nurse outfit had "Matilda" on the name tag. This is the name of Heath Ledger's daughter, the one the late actor had with Michelle Williams.

10. The translation behind the city arches in *The Truman Show*

When Truman sees his father for the first time in the movie, he chases him to the city arches.

There, on the arches, is the Latin phrase, "one for all, all for one." This is the premise of the show.

11. The credit card in the "suck and blow" scene in *Clueless*

If you've ever tried the game at home and failed, there is a reason for this. The credit card they used in the movie was fake!

They also added layers of ChapStick to make the game possible.

12. Thor's gloves in *Avengers: Endgame*

One Reddit user has a very convincing theory about this:

"It’s an easy trick to cover up the seam lines on the fat suit! I do this kinda thing for a living and rather than creating a whole 'fat hand' sculpt, sometimes it’s just easier to put them in gloves."

13. The nod to *Arrested development* in *Frozen*


If that line in Frozen seemed familiar, that's because it is!

The writers were clearly fans of Arrested Development and that epic line when they say, "it's like we finish each other's... sandwiches."

14. The heart in *Baby Driver*

This scene was very poetic.

If you were to look at the graffiti colors behind Baby in this scene, you'll notice that the heart's color changes from black to red as he sees Deborah for the first time.

15. The *Back to the Future* callback in *Polar Express*

Since Robert Zemeckis directed both this film and Back to the Future, he paid homage to the latter by including a Flux Capacitor.

This is a piece of technology that makes time travel possible.

16. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer in *Polar Express*

This hidden detail is certain to get you in the holiday mood.

When the train first arrives at the North Pole, the train passes an empty courtyard that has a statue of everyone's favorite reindeer.

17. That bike collision in *Enchanted*

James Marsen is a true professional!

You may remember the scene where his character, Prince Edward, got run over by a pack of cyclists in Central Park.

If this looked very real to you, that's because it was.

"I said, 'just take me out,'" he told Collider in 2007.

"So he knocked the hell out of me but it's funnier. My voice squeaks and he just knocks me down but there was a pad in front of me and, actually, the prince's suit is pretty padded, built-in air bags," he said.

18. The Warner Bros. logo and Syncopy logo are colored blue and red in the intro credits of *Tenet*.

This is done in an effort to help establish a frame of reference for the film's timeline.

Whenever the timeline is advancing in forward-motion, the color red is used as an indicator. Whenever time is inverted, it's shown through a blue lens.

19. The cosmonaut dog in *Guardians Of The Galaxy* is a double Easter egg.

Some have suggested that this could be a nod to the Russian cosmonaut, Laika the dog. Laika was one of the first animals in space and the first to ever orbit the earth.

There was also a space dog named Cosmo in the original Guardians of the Galaxy comic book lineup.

20. Peter Banning's children in *Hook* have the same initials as Peter Pan's creator.

The author and creator of Peter Pan was a man named J.M. Barrie. In the film, Hook, Peter's children are called Jack and Maggie or J.M. Banning.

And Dustin Hoffman also voices the plane's Captain.

Peter Banning has a very severe and ironic fear of flying. At the beginning of the airplane scene, the voice you hear coming over the loud speaker is Dustin Hoffman.

Dustin also plays Captain Hook later on in the film.

21. There's a callback to *A Nightmare On Elm Street* in Stephen King's *Doctor Sleep*.

One of the greatest lines from the A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise is when Freddy sadistically screams, "every town has an Elm Street!"

It appears as if he was right because there's definitely such a street in Doctor Sleep.

22. Nemo brand caviar can be spotted in the kitchen in *Ratatouille*.

Come on, Pixar! I'm all about cleverly laid Easter eggs but isn't this a little dark?

Imagine kids asking, "what's caviar?" on the drive home from the movie theaters. Talk about an awkward conversation.

23. There's a reason why Chief Bogo wears glasses in *Zootopia*.

It isn't just for fashion. It turns out that in real life water buffalo have extremely poor eyesight. In fact, they're all but blind unless something is directly in front of their face.

24. Jenny McCarthy's complaints in *Scream 3* are way too literal.

Early on in the film, Sarah Darling (Jenny McCarthy) is complaining to her director how her character in the film dies after only two scenes.

In actuality, Jenny McCarthy is only in two scenes in Scream 3 before she is killed off.

25. Bonnie has a *My Neighbor Totoro* stuffed plush!

Bonnie is no slouch when it comes to her toy chest. That adorable over-stuffed rabbit-like creature is actually a cleverly disguised Easter egg and homage to director Hayao Miyazaki and his groundbreaking anime film, My Neighbor Totoro.

26. A couple of references to *The Office* can be found in *The King Of Staten Island*.

In the film, Pete's friend, Oscar, has the theme song from The Office as his ring tone. He also owns a cat named Sprinkles.

Diehard fans of the iconic mockumentary series will no doubt recall that Sprinkles was Angela's cat that Dwight euthanized.

27. There's a reference to *The Karate Kid* in *Megamind*.

Megamind has a picture of Mr. Miyagi hanging in his evil lair!

This is a tasty bit of foreshadowing that eventually sets the stage for Megamind mentoring Hal to be his nemesis.

28. There's a reason why the chihuahua didn't attack in *Sinister*.

If you haven't seen Sinister, spoiler alert: the kids did it.

The reason why you see the dog sitting between its tied-up owners and not attacking is that it recognizes the person who is about to commit these heinous acts.

29. If you're hungry after watching *Spider-Man 2*, call Joe's Pizza.

If you happen to be living in New York City and would fancy eating at the same pizza place that once employed Peter Parker, then call Joe's.

The number displayed on Peter's motorcycle helmet is a real landline.

30. Evan's choice of Patron Saint in *The Butterfly Effect* makes sense.

Evan wears a chain with a pendant of Saint Christopher. According to the Christian faith, Saint Christopher is the patron saint of travelers.

This makes sense, considering that Evan is a universe-altering trans-dimensional hitchhiker.

31. The time that flashes on the alarm clock in *John Wick* is significant.

Right before the robbers break into John's house, the time on his alarm clock flashes 6:19. Matthew 6:19 in the Bible reads:

“Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal."

32. The boat behind Ned foreshadows the big fight scene to come in *Spider-Man: Far From Home*.

Ned snaps this photo just moments before Spider-Man and Mysterio have their battle with Hydro-Man. If you look at the marker on the boat it reads "Asm 212."

This is a clear reference to The Amazing Spider-Man #212, which was the first appearance of Hydro-Man in the comics.