Even George Clooney Has A Trick To Get His 3 Year Old Twins To Behave

Having kids can sometimes feel like finding the best ways to trick them into doing the things you need them to do, like brushing their teeth, cleaning their rooms, going to bed, not ripping each other's hair out, etc. George Clooney has come up with a pretty ingenius way to handle that problem with his 3-year-old twins this time of year.

George recently revealed his genius trick for getting his kids to behave around Christmas, and it packs a bit more of a punch than just telling them Santa's watching!

"When they’re asleep in the morning, they sleep in the same bedroom, they start to make noises and you can hear the two of them getting at each other, and I stand outside the door and I go 'Oh hi Santa!'" George said.

“And I say, ‘What are you doing here, Santa?’

"And he says, ‘Oh, I’m just making sure that the kids are being good kids.' And you can hear them going, 'We are, Santa! We are!'"

How clever! It's cute, it's funny, and it keeps the magic alive for these kids a lot longer!

"Then he leaves and they come out and they’re unbelievably well behaved," George finished.

What a clever twist on the old 'Santa Is Watching' bit! As long as you can do a passable Santa impression, you're in the clear!

You can watch the entire video for yourself right here!