Ryan Reynolds Shares Heartbreaking Message About His Family's Holiday Plans

2020 has been a hard year for a lot of people, and around the holidays, it's definitely not getting easier! The CDC has recommended that people only celebrate the holidays with those they currently live with, which is going to be a tough sacrifice for a lot of us — including celebrities!

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Even famous families are having their holiday plans interrupted this year.

While some celebrities might decide not to follow regulations when it comes to holidays, Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, and their three daughters are definitely not like that, as a recent post shared by Ryan on Instagram proves.

Ryan shared a simple and heartbreaking message on his Instagram story.

"My kids won't see their grandparents this year for Christmas," he wrote. "Or friends or aunts and uncles. It sucks."

It definitely does, and so many of us can relate to that feeling this year! FaceTime just isn't quite the same.

"My hat's off to so many others doing the same," Ryan shared.

We're glad to see Ryan and Blake doing their part to help stop the spread of COVID-19, and we're wishing them a very happy holiday season along with anyone else unable to see their families this year!