Jamie Lee Curtis Gives Sweet Tribute To Christopher Guest On Their 36th Wedding Anniversary

Jamie Lee Curtis and Christopher Guest are one of the most adorable and long lasting couples in Hollywood. The legendary actress and the successful screenwriter have been married for a whopping 36 years!

What I love about this couple is how they don't shove their relationship in everyone's faces! I don't need a bunch of sappy posts declaring their love for each other, they just make it work! Kids today could learn a thing or two from classy couples like Jamie Lee and Christopher — less is always more when it comes to PDA.

When it comes to long-lasting couples in Hollywood, a few pairs come to mind — Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick, David and Victoria Beckham, Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick, and of course, Jamie Lee Curtis and Christopher Guest!

The pair tied the knot back in 1984 and have kept their romance alive and well for 36 YEARS.

Needless to say, this pair prove you can make a marriage work in Tinsel Town!

As far as famous couple's age gaps are concerned, this pair only have a decade between them! That's practically *nothing* by Hollywood standards!

Now look, let's be clear— I never have been one to judge couples because of their age difference. There are so many other things to judge them on, which I love to do,

Now, Jamie Lee is celebrating her long and loving union to her husband with a tasteful and sweet Instagram post.

"One of the longest relationships I’ve had seeking comfort and contact and connection is with Chris. Today marks the 36th anniversary of our wedding," she began.

"My hand in his. Then and now. Connected through our children and family and friends it became the links in our human emotional chain that have seen each of us through triumph and tragedy."

Wow, now that is a sentiment warm enough to melt my icy, cold heart!

Naturally, everyone else was swooning over the sweet pair, too!

"Happy Anniversary! You both shine!" commented actress and friend Mary Steenburgen.

"Happy Anniversary! I love you both!" echoed Kevin Kwan.

Ah, I truly LOVE them! What's happened to me? I'm such a mush today!

Happy anniversary you two lovebirds!

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