Demi Lovato Slammed For Agreeing With Anti-Vaccine Instagram Post

As the coronavirus pandemic goes on, the conversation about masks and the vaccine are growing even more heated. Even celebrities are getting involved, with musician Demi Lovato coming under fire for agreeing with a post that expressed anti-vaccine sentiments.

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Demi recently came under fire after commenting on a post made by musician Travis Clark.

"I find it troubling that the media and powers that be always choose to promote a drug, a treatment, or a clinic before promoting healthy eating, meditation, outdoor physical activity and spiritual growth," Travis wrote in the now-deleted post.

He also added that he would support the wearing of masks "if they worked," implying that he believed they did not.

Demi Lovato left a comment on the post saying Travis made "very great points."

Fans immediately took issue with Demi agreeing with this post, sharing tweets asking, "girl why did you agree with the anti mask anti vaccine post?"

"Not Demi Lovato being an anti-vaxxer... she shouldn’t be worried about what’s in the vaccine..." another fan tweeted.

What do you think?

Does Demi deserve the criticism she's receiving, or are people being too harsh over an Instagram comment? Let us know how you feel in the comments section below!