Mail Carrier Surprises Mom Battling COVID-19 With Heartwarming Care Package

A single mom of two battling the coronavirus in Houston was recently treated to a sweet and totally unexpected surprise, courtesy of her kindhearted mail carrier.

As Good Morning America reported, Lisette LeJeune shared heartwarming doorbell footage of the carrier dropping a care package at her home, one which she had personally filled with items to help the mom recover from the virus.

LeJeune had already been quarantining at her home for two weeks when she got the unexpected delivery.

Unsplash | Brandable Box

In order to stay stocked up on medical supplies and food for her sons, ages 14 and 13, she had been relying on family members to drop the necessities off at her home.

"I was really sick the first week, so it was really hard trying to take care of both of them," LeJeune told GMA of her young boys. "It's so hard being a single mom."

The morning LeJeune first found out she had tested positive for the virus was also the very first morning she actually spoke to her mail carrier.

Unsplash | Yannik Mika

While their interactions had previously been limited to silent waves of acknowledgement, that day LeJeune warned the postal worker not to put her mail in her box, as they would both be touching it and she was infected with the virus.

Instead, she came up with the solution of leaving a bucket outside her front door for the carrier to simply drop mail into.

Their conversation that day was pretty brief, but clearly it had a lasting effect on the carrier.

Unsplash | Ethan Hoover

"She said, 'OK, thank you,' and that was it," LeJeune recalled.

However, two weeks later, just as her youngest son was beginning to show symptoms of the virus, LeJeune was surprised to find a delivery had been made to her home and had been left in that very bucket she kept outside for her mail.

At first she thought that perhaps a family member had made a delivery, but they would usually reach out first to let her know they were coming.

Opening the care package, LeJeune was touched to find that it was filled with get-well supplies to help her and her family recover from the virus, including cans of chicken soup, orange juice, crackers, and cookies.

There was also a card found inside the package that revealed all the items had come from the carrier, whose name is Mary.

Addressed to her "dearest customer", Mary's handwritten note read, "Get well wishes. I hope you all are feeling better!"

"I guess she saw the bucket was still there in front of my door two weeks later," LeJeune told GMA, possibly explaining how the kind carrier knew the family could still use the care package she'd put together.

LeJeune shared the touching story of Mary's generosity on Facebook, along with doorbell footage of the carrier dropping off the care package.

"The sweetest thing happened this morning that made my entire year," she captioned the post.

The mom told GMA, "What made me emotional was just the thought of her getting the bag ready, in the morning before starting work or the night before, just her having us in mind with her daily routine."

Mary's package came just when the family needed it most, as LeJeune was running out of supplies and had no way of going out to get more herself.

Unsplash | Jon Tyson

In an effort to show Mary just how much that small act of kindness meant to her, LeJeune left the carrier a thank-you note on her doorstep, and hopes to be able to thank her in person with her sons once they're all out of quarantine and have all tested negative for the virus.

"She's a stranger to us and that was the kindest part," LeJeune said. "She just did it for us."

h/t: Good Morning America