Princess Diana Fans Are Leaving Hate Comments On Prince Charles & Camilla's Christmas Card

It's safe to say the popular Netflix series The Crown has rehashed a lot of feelings for royal fans everywhere with their latest season featuring Princess Diana. The beloved princess' legacy is timeless and with millions of fans around the world, there is no danger of her memory being forgotten.

Now, Princess Diana fans are making their presence known on Prince Charles and Camilla's latest Instagram photo.

Everyone knows the tragic story of Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

The couple's famous wedding was a prelude to a more infamous relationship, riddled with scandals, affairs, and heartbreak.

It's common knowledge now that Charles was in love with Camilla Parker Bowles at the time he married Lady Diana Spencer, but was unable to marry her due to her being a divorcee.

This drama was rehashed in the popular Netflix series *The Crown* and still strikes a chord with fans everywhere.

As fans know, Prince Charles wed Camilla in a small ceremony in 2005, eight years after the tragic passing of Princess Diana.

Now, it seems many fans are taking their grief and anger surrounding Diana's life and channeling it into Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall's Christmas card.

The photo was simply captioned, "Here is this year’s official Christmas card from The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall. The photo was taken in the garden at Birkhall, Scotland."

Diana fans soon flooded the comment section with hateful remarks.

"Poor princess Diana," commented @hajj0002.

"It could have been Diana!!" agreed @melker.fahlen.

"I still think of Diana when i see her...anyone else do that? Or is it just me?" asked @lalatellly.

"really not a beautiful woman, when we think of Diana the real princess, the comparison is hard for camilla..." wrote @love_blue92.

"Camilla caused Diana so much pain. Charles should have married her in the first place before she married Parker Bowles. Never the less they love each other and the past is the past," remarked @cressida1234.

In addition to the criticism, there were a host of comments defending the royal couple.

"Beautiful picture of a loving couple," commented one fan.

"As much as I don’t like the way Diana and Charles’ relationship ended. You can’t lie they look happy which is all that matters" agreed another.

"The way he’s looking at her," commented one fan, alongside a heart eyes emoji.

Other users took a more defiant stance in defending Charles and Camilla: "I don't dislike Charles. All these people whining about Diana. Let the man love the woman he wants," wrote @fbaraglia.

This comment was quickly met with backlash.

"I don’t think anyone cares about who he loves ...[it's] more about how they went about it not having any respect for his then wife a human you should never do to others want you wouldn’t like done to you," replied @beachology1.

Camila's outfit was also a point of contention for many fans.

According to @alexwith_lovee, "the 'duchess' is really badly dressed, she looks like a trucker."

"Her legs are open. If Meghan’s had sat like that she would be hung drawn and quartered by the press. Very uncouth!!" @lady_eileena pointed out.

Thankfully, the comments about Camilla's outfit weren't all negative, with many fans saying how much they loved the more laid back look!

SHE'S NOT IN SWEATS OR PJ'S... Come on now!

What do you think of the hateful comments? Let us know down below!

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