Tim Allen Says He Was 'Emotional' Bringing Back His 'Home Improvement' Character

It takes a real creative mind to come up with an idea for not just one beloved long-running sitcom that always has fresh things to say, but two. Tim Allen is definitely a really creative mind, given that he's been behind two of the best sitcoms maybe in history, Home Improvement and Last Man Standing.

*Home Improvement* was one of the best sitcoms of the '90s.

Home Improvement started in 1991 and ran for 8 seasons as it followed Tim 'The Tool Man' Taylor and his family of three boys, his friendships, and his neighborhood.

It was also freakin' hilarious!

*Last Man Standing* is honestly just as good.

The show started in 2011 and will finish with its 9th season following conservative store owner Mike Baxter raising his three very different daughters and dealing with everything going topsy-turvy in the modern world.

Honestly, I'm so sad to see it ending!

The last season of *Last Man Standing* is bringing in a surprising cross-over event!

The final season, airing in January, was revealed to be bringing on Tim Taylor from Home Improvement to the show!

Two Tim Allens for the price of one! Now that's a deal you just won't be able to find anywhere else. Trust me. I even checked Walmart.

"It was very peculiar to do both parts, I'll tell you that," Tim opened up about the experience in a new interview.

"It was challenging for me to do both parts and kind of emotional," Tim revealed. Tim opened up about how a lot of that emotion was felt as a result of Home Improvement co-star Earl Hindman's death in 2003. Earl played Tim Taylor's wise and kind neighbor, Mr. Wilson.

"I adored the man and we kind of brought that up in the story," Tim revealed.


"I started thinking about all the history I had with that TV show, how I compare it to my life on this show," Tim went on.

Over twenty years have passed between filming — if I compared my life to 20 years ago, I'd get emotional too!

If I could remember any of it, of course.

"It's all about loss, is all I kept saying in that episode," Tim said.

The crossover episode was also the "first episode back" after COVID restrictions changed filming regulations, "So getting used to no crowd, and then having people direct me in a character I developed 20 years ago and then was kind of done with, it [was hard]," Tim said.

"By the time this airs... it will have been literally as the vaccine takes hold."

"We're kind of not through it, but the light is bright at the end of the tunnel," Tim said. "We reference it. We remember the pandemic. It's used, but it's as though our masks had just come off."

I cannot wait to see Tim Taylor back on my screen again!

Are you excited for the crossover event? Or do you think Mike Baxter's story should end without bringing in Tim Taylor's? Let us know how you feel in the comments below!

h/t: Entertainment Tonight