Balloons Disguised As Christmas Tree Ornaments Are The Perfect Holiday Hack

Christmas tree decorating can be time consuming, not to mention expensive, depending on where you get your ornaments.

However, there's a very smart holiday hack that not only saves time and money, but also reflects some amazingly creative skills to your friends and family.

Plus, it includes balloons!

This hack is about to blow up.

TikTok user @Chloeduya has been making everyone's heads spin with her white balloon ornament tutorial video, which was born out of a need for big baubles, but her not being able to find them anywhere.

She starts by getting a pack of white balloons, blowing one up, and then cleverly deciding where to put it on the tree.

It may be time to pick up a pack of balloons immediately.

After finding the perfect spot on the tree, she ties the balloon up and then the true magic begins.

Accompanied by many traditional ornaments, the white balloons are like the frosting on the cake.

No one will be able to tell they're balloons.

Just like that, your Christmas tree is covered in large gorgeous white "ornaments" and as far as anyone can tell from the pictures, there are no balloons in sight.

Not only will your Instagram photos look phenomenal, but you'll also have a new hack that can be used for seasons to come.

Just don't pop the balloons.

The only thing left to do is try this hack out for yourself. Don't be afraid to try different color combinations like red and green.

The only limit of this holiday hack is your imagination.

Let us know if you try this hack out and what you think of it in the comments!

h/t: TikTok l @Chloeduya

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