10+ Times Celebrities Wore Clothes With Hidden Meanings

Celebrities are all about making fashion statements.

Stars like Hailey Bieber, Saoirse Ronan, and Amanda Seyfried do it all the time.

Whether they're pairing their message with dresses, sweaters, or even wedding gowns, celebs certainly know how to make a statement.

Ready to get inspired? Here are 10+ times celebs wore clothes with hidden meanings.

2. Natalie Portman's cape

The cape, which hung over Portman's black-and-gold Dior gown, sent a strong message about women everywhere.

It had the names of the female directors who weren't nominated for an Oscar embroidered on the hem.

3. Gigi's sweater

Hailey's not the only model to make a political fashion statement.

Gigi showed her support for anti-gun violence by wearing a cropped t-shirt that read "Support Your Friends" by Krost.

4. Selena Gomez's purse

The singer is all about self-love. She attended the 2017 Met Gala with a Coach bag that discreetly said "Love yourself first" on the bottom.

The sweet quote matched the Arabic quote tattoo on her back.

5. Saoirse Ronan's beaded gown

The actress is always looking for the silver lining in things — she even wears them sometimes.

That's why she wore this custom beaded Gucci gown to the 2019 Golden Globes. Her stylist, Elizabeth Saltzman, explained the significance to The Hollywood Reporter.

"Last year was such a tumultuous year for so many things. There was a lot of negativity, and I kept trying to find the positive," she said.

"I just said, 'I'd like a silver lining.'"

They definitely accomplished that while still making Ronan look great.

6. Blake Lively's clutch

The actress may have had a night out away from her kids when she attended the 2018 Met Gala.

But thanks to her custom-made clutch, they were never too far away. She had their initials, along with her and Ryan's, bedazzled onto her clutch.

7. Tiffany Haddish's traditional Eritrean gown

After the comedian's dad passed away, she chose to honor him a year later with her gown to the 2018 Oscars.

"He said one day I would end up here, and if I ever ended up at the Oscars to honor my people, so I’m honoring my fellow Eritreans," she told People.

8. Amanda Seyfried's dress hem

"Equality" was on the star's mind when she attended the premiere of Twin Peaks — and on her dress.

This came from her history of the wage gap and pay inequality when it comes to gender in Hollywood.

She's been vocal about the issue before, telling the *Sunday Times* in 2015 that as she found out she was paid 10 percent of what her male costar was getting years ago.

"It’s not about how much you get, it’s about how fair it is.”

9. Elisabeth Moss's shoes

If you were to walk a mile in her shoes, you'd find someone who's fed up with the patriarchy.

"You'll have to guess what the other shoe says.... our note to the patriarchy #teamresistance," Moss's stylist Karla Welch wrote on Instagram.

10. Hilary Duff's wedding dress

For the star's December 2019 wedding to Matthew Koma, she wanted to be as sentimental as possible.

She asked her wedding dress designer, Jenny Packham, to embroid their initials on the inside of the dress's skirt.

11. Kate Middleton’s red dress

Kate paid tribute to the late Princess Diana by wearing a red dress after Prince Louis' birth.

This was very similar to the one that Diana wore when introducing Prince Harry to the world. How sweet is she?

12. Hailey Bieber's wedding dress

Upon closer look at her gorgeous wedding gown by Virgil Abloh, you'll see embroidered symbols such as an arrow.

This was done on purpose as a nod to the model's street style, which is important to her.

1. Angelina Jolie's wedding dress

If you didn't know this yet, the actress's kids mean the world to her. For her 2014 wedding to Brad Pitt, she had her kids draw artwork all over her gown and veil.

What a cool mom!

13. Meghan Markle's wedding veil

While her Givenchy wedding gown was simple, the same couldn't be said for her elaborate veil.

As a surprise for fans, she had all 53 countries of the Commonwealth designed into her veil in a floral composition.

14. Kim Kardashian's Hermès bag

For Kim's 34th birthday, Kayne gave her a Hermès bag, which is typically worth over $20,000.

The bag was "custom" since Kanye let their eldest child, North, paint all over it. Cute, but also, why?!

15. Lorde's dress

When the singer was the only Album of the Year nominee who wasn't asked to perform a solo at the 2018 Grammys, she took a stand.

First, by wearing red, a very powerful color for her gown.

Then, by sewing the words of artist Jenny Holzer into the back of her gown.

This read things like "Only dire circumstance can precipitate the overthrow of oppressors" and "The apocalypse will blossom.'

Lesson learned: don't mess with Lorde!

16. Hailey Bieber's belt

The fashion model showed her support (literally) with a belt that said "For Support" all around it.

It was made by Krost, a brand that partnered with March for Our Lives, an organization started by survivors of the February 2018 shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.