Husband Just As Surprised As Kids At Xmas Presents — Starts Believing In Santa Again!

As Christmas day rolls into sight, mothers have been busy doing a lot of wrapping and last-minute gift-buying to make sure that the special day is perfect for their children!

However, when one father was shocked by what his children had waiting for them under the tree last Christmas, he has once more begun believing in Santa Claus.

42-year-old Jim Donaldson has been enjoying once more believing in Santa.

Unsplash | Alicia Slough

Speaking to AA news, Mr. Donaldson explained, "Well, it might seem a little odd, but I was just so completely blown away last year when our kids started unwrapping these amazing presents. I came to the conclusion that Santa must be real!"

While he explained this, Mr. Donaldson's long-time-and-suffering spouse, Samantha, sat by, rolling her eyes and shaking her head.

Jim's plan is to stay up all night and catch a glimpse of Santa on Christmas Eve.

Unsplash | Matt Seymour

Jim explained that he wants to catch Santa in the act and ask Santa how he manages his workload. "There's just no way he could do it all," Jim continued while showing us his new night-vision goggles. "How could anyone have the time, patience, and work ethic to think up, purchase, and wrap all of the kid's presents? It has to be a magic fat man!"

When Jim left the room to replace the batteries in his night-vision goggles, at which point his wife Samantha added, "It's obviously me who does it all, but Jim couldn't comprehend that."

"It's just nice to have him distracted while I do all the proper Christmas prep now if I'm honest," Samantha sighed as Jim burst back into the room with a blueprint of how he planned to catch Santa.

Here's hoping that Jim's big plan is a success!


Personally, I'm not holding out much hope for Jim's Santa-snatching idea, but it seemed like Samantha had all of Christmas already sorted in typical mom-fashion.

Apparently, more and more fathers are beginning to believe in Santa Claus again after being baffled by what their kids open on Christmas morning. But, for Samantha, so long as her husband out of the way and distracted then she isn't too bothered.

If you have a husband who you fear may secretly be at risk of believing in Santa, then feel free to share your stories in the comments and support other mothers who are freakin' sick of doing a lot of the heavy lifting at Christmas!

Love to you all this Christmas,

Aunty Acid.

(Disclaimer: Jim Donaldson and his family are doing wonderfully well since the publication of this story, as they are figments of my imagination...for anyone concerned!)