DIY Christmas Wine Cork Wreaths Are The Perfect Way To Upcycle Your Empties

No one is going to tell us to put a cork in it when they see these amazing wine cork wreaths

This may be the best opportunity for all of the wine drinkers in our lives to make good use of those leftover corks.

They're so unique and unusual for those looking for something creative that's perfect for the holiday season.

These wreaths are in a league of their own.

Christmas wreaths are traditional staples that truly bring any home together.

However, every so often people need something a little different when it comes to holiday decor.

Many are so busy trying to think outside the box that they forget to think outside the bottle.

These cork wreaths are picture perfect.

These gorgeous Christmas wreaths are taking over Instagram and Pinterest.

From wine cork wreaths covered in bows to ones that are adorned with garland and fake cranberries, these wreaths are absolutely magical.

They're great for the entire family.

These are amazing DIY projects that are easy to make with a glue gun and some holiday supplies.

However, for those that aren't big fans of DIY's, these cork wreaths are available for sale on Etsy and even some on Amazon.

They're great projects for the whole family and for those of age, perfect to make while sipping a glass of wine.

Christmas cork wreaths are the new it thing.

Once you make these amazing cork wreaths, you'll want to make about a million more.

The best part is, they'll last for many Christmas seasons to come. Well, as long as you keep lots of wine bottles for more corks.

Just kidding, you can head to an art store for lots of corks for all your newfound wreath needs.

Let us know in the comments if you plan to make or buy these Christmas cork wreaths.

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