A Family Has Been Making Hilarious 'Real-Life' Christmas Cards For The Past Seven Years

I have to admit this year I wanted to join the ranks of all the people who make their own Christmas cards. Unfortunately, I failed, ha, ha!

So the boring card already went out. Oh well, but I still admire those who try hard to outdo themselves every year, just like this amazing family. Their Christmas cards are pretty epic.

Every year the Stanley family tries to outdo themselves with their imaginative and pretty hilarious Christmas cards.

And every year, they do not disappoint. However, their holiday cards aren't exactly picture-perfect. On the contrary, they show the craziness of life, and that's why we love them.

The first time the family tried to take a "traditional" Christmas card, it kind of backfired. It was a disaster.

And that's basically where the idea of the imperfect card was born. I think that sounds a lot more fun, no?

Then they realized that making the anti-traditional Christmas cards was just too much fun to pass up.

Thankfully they continued the tradition for many years to come. And now we have all these gems to marvel at and enjoy, ha, ha!

The Stanleys' holiday cards depict the life of a family the way it really is.

Well, perhaps it's a bit exaggerated but still pretty accurate if you ask me. I think that's what most people like to see instead of Instagram reality.

Now the annual Christmas card making is a family tradition.

The parents draw inspiration for the holiday cards straight from their kids' behavior that year. They try to incorporate that feel into the Christmas card. I've got to admit that's a brilliant strategy on their part.

Last year the kids were fascinated by flying drones, so the dad made sure this concept got incorporated into that year's holiday card.

Imagine what the kids would do if the parents weren't around? This is how the Stanleys imagined it, ha, ha!

This year, the family is back in full force.

Their new holiday card inspiration comes from the nail gun. The kids are also having some fun climbing up the walls since COVID had closed down rock climbing activities in town. Ha, ha! This looks like mayhem.

Over the years, people have expected to see these creative and funny Christmas cards.

Instagram | @jstanleync

And every year, the Stanley family hasn't disappointed them one bit. Everybody has been raving about how awesome they are, and this year they loved the card just as much.

So what do you think of this family's take on a traditional Christmas card?

Do you like this idea better than regular cards? I have to say I would love to continue seeing these fun cards. This family sure does have a lot of creative spirit, huh?