10+ Actors Who Have A Reputation For Being Difficult To Work With

When it comes to Hollywood, there are many actors with a bad reputation that precedes them.

They're known for having a big ego, being demanding, or just being straight-up mean.

This, unfortunately, makes them difficult to work with. So much so that some celebs even ruined their careers over this!

Come see which celebs those in the industry steer clear from.

1. Lea Michele

In 2020, the star's alleged mean girl behavior was outed by many of her former Glee costars.


Ware's confession caused many more costars to come forward with their Lea stories.

Dabier Snell, who appeared in a 2014 episode, tweeted that Lea wouldn't let him sit at the table with other cast members because Lea said "I didn't belong there."

2. Lindsay Lohan

It's not just Lindsay's personal life that has been a wreck the past decade, it's been her career, too.

She regularly canceled appointments while working on The Canyons, in addition to causing some "serious challenges" while filming Lifetime’s Liz & Dick.

The film's producer, Larry Thompson, told *E! News* that "what if clauses" had to be written into her contract.

This included contingency plans for the events that she got into a car accident or incarcerated.

"We tried to insure ourselves against things that could and, in fact, did happen.”

3. Teri Hatcher

Not a lot of people have been desperate to work with Hatcher after Nicollette Sheridan's comments.

The former Desperate Housewives star called her the “meanest woman in the world” for her diva behavior. Yikes.

4. Christian Bale

While no one can deny that Bale is an incredible actor, no one can deny that he is terrifying either.

He became the least liked person on the Terminator Salvation set when he went on a rant against the film's director of photography.

5. Chevy Chase

There is a reason he was on Saturday Night Live for just one season: his costars couldn't stand him!

He ran into trouble again on the TV show Community when he got into a feud with the show's creator.

While working on *Community*, he allegedly called it “a [expletive] mediocre sitcom! I want people to laugh, and this isn’t funny.”

Before he left the show, many of his angry voicemails were released. Not a good look!

6. Shia LaBeouf

The actor's erratic behavior these past few years certainly doesn't make the rumors about him being difficult seem false.

He even reportedly got into a physical fight with Tom Hardy while they were filming Lawless.

7. Edward Norton

The actor would have been The Hulk had it not been his controlling nature that got him fired from the film.

His firing led to a huge battle against Marvel, as he called them "mean-spirited, unprofessional, disingenuous, and clearly defamatory.”

8. Shannen Doherty

Shannen's diva-like behavior has been brought to light several times over the years.

The first was when Beverly Hills, 90210 costar, Jason Priestley, wrote that she "truly did not give a [expletive]" in his memoir.

This may be why Shannen didn't appear on *90210*'s reboot.


She also had lots of beef with Alyssa Milano when they worked together on Charmed.

Things got so bad that it was even reportedly why Doherty left the show after season 3.

9. Val Kilmer

The actor's career has taken a serious hit due to his difficult reputation.

This includes being fired by Richard Stanley from The Island of Dr. Moreau after only three days since he was fighting with people so much.

He also had troubles while working on *Batman Forever*.

The actor has been outspoken about hating the film, but the experience could be why.

The film's director, Joel Schumacher, called him “childish and impossible." Doesn't sound like he's very well-liked.

10. Charlie Sheen


The actor was fired from Two and a Half Men after saying disparaging things about the show's creator, Chuck Lorre.

In February of 2011, Charlie threatened Chuck and called him a whole slew of names in interviews, including a "maggot" and a "loser."

11. Mike Myers

This one may hurt your childhood. The actor behind Austin Powers and Shrek doesn't have a lot of support behind him in the industry.

“Maybe he could open, like, a children’s hospital to clean up his rep," the director of Wayne’s World once joked.

12. Katherine Heigl

And now, we come to Katherine Heigl, the queen of being reportedly difficult to work with.

It all started on Grey's Anatomy when she rejected Emmy consideration for her role because she didn't like the writing.

Then, when she worked on *Knocked Up*, she made headlines for calling the movie "a little sexist."

"It paints the women as shrews, as humorless and uptight, and it paints the men as lovable, goofy, fun-loving guys," she told Vanity Fair.

13. Marlon Brando

When Brando arrived on the set of Apocalypse Now, he locked himself in his trailer for four days. He was grossly overweight and didn't even know his own lines.

To top it all off, Marlon shaved his head without telling anyone.

14. Dustin Hoffman

Dustin Hoffman is the first one to admit that he isn't an easy person to work with, but he swears that it comes from a good place.

"If I beg for another take, and then another, it's usually because I think I can do it better," Dustin said to The Irish Times. "And, yes, I insist."

15. Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow at one time was an incredibly sought-after young actress. Now, it seems as if Hollywood won't touch her with a 10-foot pole.

Her diva persona has been well-established over the years and continues to this day. Does anyone remember when she recommended a $15,000 sex toy on Goop?

16. Russell Crowe

Russell is known for being volatile and for his violent outbursts. While he was filming the musical, Blood Brothers, Crowe headbutted his own costar.

Crowe said that he was provoked when Peter Cousens began screaming in his face.

17. Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis has made a habit of burning bridges over the course of his career. Director Kevin Smith said that working with Bruce Willis on the film Cop Out was one of the worst experiences of his life.

18. Megan Fox

Megan was deemed so difficult to work with that she was fired from the Transformers franchise outright.

Both she and director Michael Bay got into a war of words wherein Fox compared Bay to Hitler. This allegedly didn't sit well with producer Steven Spielberg, and Fox was fired.

19. Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts is said to have driven iconic director/producer Steven Spielberg to the breaking point while the pair were working on Hook together.

It reportedly got so bad that crewmembers began referring to her as "Tinkerhell" behind her back.

20. Gene Hackman

Wes Anderson bore the brunt of Gene Hackman's wrath while on the set of The Royal Tenenbaums.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Anjelica Huston have both said that working with Hackman was a terrifying experience. Although Anjelica admits that the person she felt the most concern for was Wes.

21. Daniel Day-Lewis

Daniel has an often controversial approach to method acting. While filming My Left Foot, Daniel refused to leave his wheelchair. He had to be carried across lighting cables, and even insisted on dining in restaurants while sitting in the chair.

22. Steven Seagal

No one understands just how difficult Steven Seagal is better than John Leguizamo.

After John supposedly made the mistake of laughing at Seagal out of turn while filming Executive Decision, the once-great action star Aikido-chopped Leguizamo across the chest.

23. Sharon Stone

There's a reason why you don't see Sharon Stone acting in many movies these days.

For one thing, she filed a $100 million lawsuit against the producers of Basic Instinct 2 for failing to pay her agreed-upon salary, which she claimed was $14 million.

24. January Jones

The reason why January Jones hasn't been able to take her career to the next level may stem from the chilly persona she developed on the set of Mad Men.

During an interview with ShortList, comedian Zach Galifianakis stated he found Jones to be incredibly rude.

25. William Shatner

William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy fought so hard and for so long that for the five years leading up to Nimoy's death, they weren't speaking.

Shatner couldn't even be bothered to attend Nimoy's funeral, a fact that many Trekkies found hard to swallow.

26. Bill Murray

Where to even begin with Bill Murray? It's remarkable that he's become as successful as he is, considering how many people can't seem to stand the guy.

Lucy Liu had to be physically restrained from hitting him while filming Charlie's Angels.

27. Alec Baldwin

According to inside sources, Alec was insufferable while on the set of 30 Rock.

The legendary star was likened to that of a red-faced tyrant, prone to blow up on anyone who had the misfortune of getting in his way.

28. Wesley Snipes

Patton Oswalt has some hilarious chaotic memories of his time spent with Wesley Snipes on the set of Blade: Trinity.

Oswalt claims that Snipes refused to come out of his trailer and that the only thing you could smell was the aroma of marijuana.