Gotta Love Me! 'Dinosaurs' Is Coming To Disney+ On January 29th

There are some shows you watch when you're younger that just stick with you — for being weird, for being funny, for being deep, for being silly, and in the case of Jim Henson's Dinosaurs, being all of the above at once.

Luckily for us who haven't stopped thinking about the Sinclair family, the show is coming to Disney+ soon!

*Dinosaurs* ran from 1991-1994.

Following the Sinclair family (of, you know, dinosaurs), the show was kind of like if Roseanne met The Muppets.

Even though the show only ran for a pretty short amount of time, it made a huge impact on pop culture, and has millions of fans to this day.

The show might've looked silly, but it covered a lot of deep topics, especially for airing in the '90s!

The show covered themes like divorce, homosexuality, puberty, environmentalism, and corporate greed, and some have argued that it had the most depressing series finale of a sitcom pretty much ever.

Despite that, it's still beloved by fans for being funny and still having something meaningful to say!

That's why when Disney announced the show would be coming to Disney+, fans were excited.

Now we also have a release date!

Executive producer Brian Henson revealed all episodes of the beloved show would be hitting the platform on January 29, 2021!

Yet another reason to be excited about 2020 almost being over!

Are you excited?

Were you a fan of the original Dinosaurs, or will you be watching it for the very first time when it hits the streaming platform in January? Let us know in the comments below!