Parenting Quotes To Show People Who Say 'You're Going To Miss This Someday'

Why is it whenever parents are at their most stressed-out and feel like they're nearing a total meltdown that people feel the need to say something as ridiculous as, "you're going to miss this someday"?

While that may be true, it doesn't really do anyone much good now, especially if they're in the middle of laboriously picking dried Play Doh out of their carpet, or trying to soothe the burn of one of their kids pointing out that their hair "is starting to look like grandma's."

If you're also the kind of parent who would like to kindly ask everyone to stop telling you "you'll miss this", I think you're really going to relate to these quotes.

That one stung.

Kids are so innocent that they haven't exactly developed any sort of verbal filter yet. Which can be super entertaining, if you're on the other side of their unintentional jabs.

But if you're the one being told your new bold lipstick makes you look like that Miranda Sings girl, then it's not so funny.

"Sucks, doesn't it?"

Kids need to learn about disappointment early. Don't be afraid to also include a container with a note saying "Fudge Oreos inside!" so they get all excited and open it, only to discover the container is completely empty.

Just like you did last night when you went to go have some after the kiddos went to bed.

No kidding.

If this ever happens to me and I tell someone about it, only for them to respond that I'm going to miss that kind of bedtime nonsense someday, I just might throat-punch them.

Or show up with my kids at their house at 8 PM and tell them to try putting them to bed themselves. Either one works.

Aww, then I guess I'm going to call you "cut out of the will."

As if that kid isn't the reason why his poor mom is "squishy", he has the audacity to point it out to her like she's going to be happy he came up with such a creative nickname.

I'll say it, sometimes kids suck.

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