15+ People Who Got It All Wrong Right From The Start

Nobody is perfect, and a lot of people can make mistakes from time to time.

From truly abysmal advertising errors to cats struggling to function in daily life, please enjoy these 15+ people who got it all wrong right from the start!

"Hit yourself you will!"

I felt like someone had sneezed inside of my brain when I tried to read this for the first time.

"Santa's face, Santa's belly, and Santa's..."

Boots! They're clearly boots and nothing else whatsoever, and if you think that they are then you ought to be ashamed of yourself!

"I'm a Postman/Mailman and came across this impossible to deliver letter."

I also love that it had no stamp and that the person who posted this wanted this impossible-to-deliver letter to get to Hazel & Thomas for free.

"This Math Teacher's reason to cut marks."

This is just baffling. This teacher must really hate this kid to be such an asshat about this!

"Santa and his elf..."

"Dave, about the elf..."

"Oh, yeah, it was funny wasn't it! Have the kids stopped screaming yet?"

"Is it though?"

Maybe they were washing this spinach in moths? Sure it might not be the most conventional way of washing something, but you never know.

"The way you're supposed to read this book!?"

Surely, there has to be some insane reason as to why they would lay this book out like this? I cannot fathom it, however.

"Am I losing my mind or is the first X upside down?"

Well, now that they have pointed out, I cannot focus on anything except that fact damn it.

"I'm on a 13 hour flight from LA to Shanghai. Fortunately China Eastern Airlines hooked up this amazing Club Sandwich for my meal."

Their first mistake was assuming that airline food would be anything other than crushingly disappointing I guess.

What Kind Of Person Would Do This?

This strikes me as one of those ideas that seems like a great idea in the heat of the moment, but is something that you very quickly come to regret.

"Bought my daughter a gaming chair..."

But, on the plus side, you can now have the chair for yourself and your cat...sorry, daughter, can have the box!

"Thought my flight had mirrors in the back of the seats..."

One person suggested that actually, "That guy is just flying all around the world hoping someone asks him 'Is that you?'"

"The fact that these tape measures aren't lined up..."

I dread to think of how annoyed the person who noticed this must have been, especially if they realized after a long day of using these on a job!

"This guy listening to the safety brief before takeoff with safety manual in hand and a HIGHLIGHTER!"

This might be this fella's first flight? Or, alternatively, he might have been in a crash before and wants to make sure he is especially prepared this time!

"The logos on the sleeves of this trilogy of films."

The Hobbit trilogy was disappointing enough for some people, but this is just rubbing salt in the wound.

"This whole time I thought I had successfully toilet trained my cat, this is how I find out she does it."

I mean, she's pretty damn close! It's a much better attempt than I can imagine my cat would make at this.

"I need these business cards!"

I suppose that, for a lot of people, business cards serve one very simple purpose, one that this person clearly wants no part of!

"Literally had to just dig a hole..."

"Damn it, Drain, you literally had one job!"

"Look, I'm just going through some stuff now alright, get off my back!"

"My Breast Cancer Awareness pen is made with materials that cause cancer."

They'll certainly make you aware of it, just through unconventional means.

"Netflix censorship in my country [...]."

When asked for an explanation, the poster explained that murder weapons have to be censored, and that knife is the one that's used to kill someone later in the show.

"Spent 3 minutes looking for my gloves."

You just know that when they put the gloves down, they thought, "Oh, they match, neat," then forgot all about that thought when it came time to find them again.

"Moving to a new house. This is where the last owners had their China cabinet."

You can either paint it or continue the tradition and put up a China cabinet of your own.

"If you think you can just remove the dust jacket to get rid of the unnecessary 5" x 7" portrait of Shel Silverstein in your house, you're mistaken."

You will never escape the portrait of Shel Silverstein. Even if you get rid of the book, you've already invited him into your home, it's too late. He'll come back.

"When Grandma prioritises the dog over you."

Listen, there are some things that dogs can provide that people just can't. The sooner you learn this, the better.

"Friends wanted Whiskey for Christmas... I hope they enjoy it!"

They'll like the joke for about two seconds until they realize you actually skipped out on getting them alcohol for Christmas.

"Six legs for a lion?"

Those six-legged lions are dangerous, a huge security threat. That's what this company is here for.

"I had a stroke trying to read this."

It starts out fine, then the letters start to jumble a bit and you think it's kind of weird, but then you get to that last line and all expectations go out the window.

"When bae welcomes you home, but you're happier to see the cat..."

Look, if you have a cat that is within reach, then you have to stroke it regardless of the current situation!

"I labeled the measuring cups, boss."

These aren't ceramic, a pan, nor can they be fried! They couldn't have gotten it more wrong if they tried!

"Smile More!"

Maybe the customer wanted this guy to be smiling more with...his eyes?