People Are Turning Their Wine Glasses Into Festive Snow Globe Candle Holders

Most of us can't help but to feel a little empty after we've finished off a delectable bottle of wine, but now, we suddenly can't wait to use our newly freed-up glasses to make one of these dazzling snow globes that double as candle holders.

There's nothing quite as magical as feeling festive with a DIY snow globe that will have many of us swearing that we're walking in a winter wonderland.

The decorating possibilities are endless.

Get your holiday bows and adorable ornaments ready, because you're going to need plenty of supplies to decorate your wine glass snow globes with.

It's as easy as heading to the Dollar Store or your favorite art store and grabbing the cutest decor possible.

You'll need clean, empty wine glasses, cardboard to cover the opening in the glass, and a hot glue gun to attach any and all the goodies you want.

There's plenty of inspiration for all your decor needs.

People have taken to Pinterest and Instagram with some amazing wine glass snow globes for us to draw on for inspiration. Top them with your favorite candles, or keep them as regular snow globes!

The attention to detail is amazing and with a handy glue gun and your supplies, you'll be making your own in no time.

These will be perfect for your Instagram too.

They're great family fun.

While your little ones are a tad too young to enjoy drinking a glass of wine, they can definitely enjoy making their own wine glass snow globe, with parental guidance of course.

The entire family will enjoy joining in and maybe even make an exciting wine snow globe making contest.

We'll cheers to these wine glass snow globes.

We can't wait to sip our wine while we make our wine glass snow globes.

These festive DIY projects will have everyone feeling jolly and ready celebrate these adorable little gifts.

Let us know what you think of these wine glass snow globes in the comments and if you plan on making your own.

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