Twitter Users Share 'My Parents Vs. Me' Memes That Are So Relatable

Nothin' like growing up during some of the most turbulent years in human history, huh?

Unlike our parents, millennials and gen z's are taking their time to get married and have children. We're living in a different time, and really getting to know ourselves. Plus, we're all broke, and the world is weird.

Nothing demonstrates the differences between generations like a new Twitter trend going around. Welcome to "me vs my parents."

It all started with this tweet.

Twitter user @Bloody5Iveezy posted a pretty iconic comparison of his parents getting married vs him wearing a blow-up unicorn. Shoutout to that booze-filled sceptre, which really completes the outfit.

Everyone else quickly jumped on board.

Most of the parent pictures are from their wedding days, which makes the comparison that much funnier. The best part about the "me at 20" picture is the matching outfits, tbh.

This one speaks to me.

Nothin' like pushing your mask up to sneak a cheeky sip of iced coffee, am I right? (Do not do that, for the record. That's bad mask etiquette. Thank you.)

This one also speaks to me.

I can't explain why, but this one has TikTok energy all over it. I would also rather spend my time squishing my face into different configurations than getting married.

I love this dog.

Sure, you could be married. OR you could have a super cute dog who looks like he smiles in pictures. The choice is yours. (Or you could have both.)

Let's just have a moment for this fashion choice.

We love a legend, an icon, and a star. This look is a total serve from top to bottom, including the sunglasses indoors. Get weird, guys. Life is short.

I think this is how you get into Starfleet.

Congrats on understanding that reference, if you did. If you didn't, keep scrolling. There's more comparisons in here for you. Anyway, I hope he gets into space safely.

We love an "Office" shoutout.

I think we can all agree that the birthday episode of The Office is one of the best ones, which is why this picture of Elena might be the best one of the meme.

This is a classic.

I love the comparisons where they compare their past selves to their dogs. It's a classic meme and I live for it every single time I see it.

Honestly, I think she's having more fun.

What would you rather have: the responsibility of a marriage, home ownership, and kids at 21, or the responsibility of trying to eat all that cotton candy at once at 21?

This one blew my mind.

Um...where was this person that they casually came across a life-size crocodile? I'm kind of jealous, tbh. That picture is almost as good as a wedding picture.