The Tayto Couch Potato Light Makes Laziness Look Adorable

Now that the coronavirus has grounded us, are you finding yourself spending too much time on the couch surfing the TV? That's an understatement, ha, ha!

Long gone are the days of schlepping to work or even going for a leisurely walk to do groceries. If you feel like a couch potato lately, perhaps this is the item you might appreciate.

An online gift shop called Smoko has a lamp for sale that pretty much summarizes our life lately.

What is it? It's a couch potato. I think it's way too cute not to get even though it might remind you of what you are becoming, ha, ha!

The description of the item is pretty much accurate.

It says, "Sometimes all you need in life is an accurate representation of yourself. Tayto Potato is here to provide you with light and always remind you of what you’re slowly becoming."

Yikes, doesn't that hit you right in your gut?

Unsplash | Ryan Quintal

Speaking of a gut, are you getting one too? Oh, no! Maybe it's time to lay off the potato chips after all. I know it's hard, but you don't really want to become one, do you?

Since the company posted a picture of this lamp on their Facebook page, people started loving it.

The post has now amassed 8.2K reactions, 815 comments, and 1.4K shares. I guess this is one item that really resonates with people, huh?

Not only that, but their comments have been pretty hilarious.

I've been going through all of them, and I can't stop cracking up. I think I'm going to have to buy this for myself so I can start posting pictures of it everywhere, ha, ha!

Many of them even admitted that they too became couch potatoes a long time ago.

I wouldn't want to admit that in public, but sadly it does resonate with me as well. What about you? Do you feel what I'm saying?

So what is one to do? Admit defeat and laugh about it or get mad and smash some real potatoes?

I would choose the former, but that's just me. Then again, smashing potatoes does sound kind of fun. Am I right?

Is there someone in your life who has become a couch potato?

Do you think they would appreciate this as a gift? Or do you think they would get mad at you? I hope they would take it as a cool gag gift.

So is this lamp an accurate representation of your life right now? Ha, ha!

I know at least a few people, myself included, who would like to get this cute item as a gift. Can you take a hint, lol?

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