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Katy Perry's Hair Transformation Gets 2 Million Likes On Instagram In One Day

It's the return of the black! Hair, that is.

Katy Perry has been an iconic pop star for a decade, and in that time she's rocked a number of equally iconic styles. While she's not usually one to repeat herself, Katy seems to have made a return to a pretty classic era of hers — the one that started it all!

Katy Perry exploded onto the scene in 2008 with her smash hit 'I Kissed A Girl.'

At the time, Katy sported a classic pin-up girl style, complete with long black hair and dark bangs, and she kept that style for a long time.

Hey, if it's not broke, don't fix it!

While Katy had experimented with colors and styles in the past, her biggest change happened in 2017 when she debuted a short bleach blonde pixie cut.

This marked the start of a new era for Katy, since she seemed to decide that blondes do have more fun and has stayed on the lighter side with her hair ever since!

She rocks it!

Most recently, Katy's been sporting gorgeous long blonde hair.

However, it looks like Katy's decided it's time for a return back to the look that made her famous, because she shared a series of photographs showcasing long black hair with blunt bangs on her Instagram!

She looks amazing!

How is it possible that Katy hasn't aged at all in the past decade?! She looks exactly like she did in 2008! The Instagram post showcasing her new locks has hit 2 million likes in just one day, so it's clear that it's a pretty popular look!

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