Family Removed From Flight After Two-Year-Old Refuses To Wear A Mask

In today's world, wearing a mask has become a cultural norm and requirement in many countries due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Wearing a mask has been proven to protect individuals from catching and spreading the virus to others. According to studies, masks are helping stop the spread of the global virus, which is why they have become mandatory in most public places.

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Across the world, many people have mixed feelings about wearing masks.

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While most people abide by the regulations and understand the importance of wearing a mask, there are those who refuse or do not want to wear a mask at all.

As well, parents know that it's difficult to monitor and ensure that children are wearing and keeping masks on.

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While adults can comply to mask mandates, trying to get kids to comply can be an ongoing struggle — especially when it comes to young toddlers.

Recently, mom Eliz Orban shared a video on Twitter of a "traumatizing" experience she had on a United Airlines flight with her husband and daughter.

The family was on a United flight from Denver to New Jersey when they were told they had to put a mask on their two-year-old daughter.

In a video shared on Twitter, it is apparent that Eliz and her husband struggled to have their two-year-old daughter put the mask on.

Both parents attempted to get their two-year-old daughter to wear the mask, but she cried and refused to put it on.

After a total meltdown, their daughter finally fell asleep in her dad's lap.

Eliz's husband can be seen holding his daughter in his lap, covering her face with his arms and hands. Then, he was asked to get their belongings and exit the plane.

Obviously upset, he asked if this was "a joke."

The flight attendant said that all passengers have to wear a mask, even kids, and said the incident was seen as "non-compliance" by the couple.

The father explained that his daughter was holding the mask and crying.

United, however, refused to allow the family to stay on the flight and had them exit the aircraft. United's policy states that all children aged two and over must be wearing masks during flights.

People on Twitter thought this was a bit extreme for the family to have to go through.

Many said that it's impossible to get two-year-olds to follow rules regularly, so how can we expect them to be able to wear a mask on flights for extended periods of time?

However, others said that it's their own fault for traveling during the pandemic in the first place.

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Some people spoke out that the family should not be traveling or flying during the pandemic in the first place.

In response to the Orban family's viral video of the incident, United Airlines said they are looking into the situation. They also said they refunded the family for the flight and returned their luggage.

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