Woman Born With A Spinal Cord Injury And One Ovary Announces Her Pregnancy

For many people, life can throw you curveballs that you do not expect. These curveballs can change your entire life as you know it, and make it impossible to imagine that you are able to fulfill and accomplish your dreams that you once believed in. But, while life throws you curveballs, it also has an unexpected way of working out for people, too.

One woman who suffered a terrible spinal injury never thought she would see the day she would be able to get pregnant.

Alyssa Higgins of Rockland County, New York suffered a severe spinal injury caused by the use of forceps during her birth. The injury resulted in Alyssa using a wheelchair as a mobility aid throughout her life.

Alyssa uses her Instagram page to be an advocate for others with disbilities.

Through her Instagram page, she shares photos and stories of her own life and story with her disability in hopes to give others hope and a voice.

Now, Alyssa is starting a new journey in which she hopes she can be an inspiration for other women who use wheelchairs as a mobility aid.

Alyssa shared with her Instagram followers that she is now expecting her very first child and she could not be happier with the news.

The mom-to-be is ready to share her journey with all of her followers and her family, too.

She even shared the video where she tells her husband the amazing news, and it's enough to get anyone tearing up with emotions.

Alyssa is also sharing her progress throughout her pregnancy with the world.

So far, Baby Higgins is extremely healthy and she could not be more relieved and excited about this journey, she told her followers.

The couple had been trying to get pregnant for some time, but they weren't sure if it was possible.

After Alyssa suffered the spinal injury, doctors were unsure if she would ever be able to carry a baby, due to the type of injury she sustained.

Another struggle Alyssa faced while trying to conceive is the fact that she only has one ovary.

Talking to Good Morning America, the mom-to-be said, "The ovary thing made it get into my head more when I thought I couldn't get pregnant,” she admitted. “But [getting pregnant] was always a possible thing."

People online shared in their excitement for Alyssa and her husband.

Instagram l @wheel.life.in.the.wheel.world

Her story inspired a number of people online who wished her a safe and healthy pregnancy on Instagram.

And, some even thanked Alyssa for giving them hope for themselves and their own children.

Instagram l @wheel.life.in.the.wheel.world

One person wrote on Instagram that she has a 29-year-old tetraplegic daughter, and following Alyssa has given her hope for her own child.

How inspirational!

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