Oreo's New 'Brookie' Flavor Has Triple The Cream And Triple The Goodness

We were pretty sure these only existed in our wildest dreams but it turns out that Oreo's new brookies (brownie/cookie hybrids) are actually real.

No one expected for the best Christmas gift to come a bit late, but we can't imagine getting a gift better than this, even if we have to wait until January.

We have a feeling we're in for something ooey gooey with a delectable cookie crunch.

These Brookie-O's are about to become our favorite Oreo cookies.

The highly coveted Brookie-O Oreos are set to arrive in January 2021 and FYI, they have cookie dough filling.

Our mouths are watering over the triple-layered richness of their brownie shells, the timeless original Oreo stuf, and the irresistible cookie dough goodness in every bite.

With 3 cremes in the center, these Brookie-O's are unlike anything we've tried before.

We're ready to buy a thousand packs.

This flavor is inspired by the collaboration between Oreo and Nabisco.

Nabisco is an American manufacturer of cookies and sweets, which means we're in good hands when it comes to these treats.

Don't forget the milk.

While dipping Oreos in milk is a classic touch, there's just something extra special about the idea of dipping a Brookie-O in milk that gives the feeling of dunking a fresh brownie and cookie into a giant glass of milk.

They may not be out yet, but when they arrive, they won't stick around for long.

Sadly, these Brookie-O's are limited flavors, so they may only last a month. We have a feeling everyone is going to want to get their hands in these cookie bags.

Keep your eyes peeled for these exciting flavors to hit the shelves next month. In the meantime, you can make your own at home.

Let us know in the comments if you have plans to get your Brookie-O game on next month.

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