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Viral Body-Positive Movement Reminds People To Stop Asking Women If They Are Pregnant

Hey, what's one question you should never ask someone?

Yup, the answer is, "Are you pregnant?"

And yet, women everywhere know the humiliation of being asked that and having to answer, "no." I'm not pregnant, Brent, I'm just fat.

A hashtag was born after a celebrity had that exact encounter, and a cute movement was born.

Believe it or not, the hashtag was invented by actress Caitríona Balfe.

AKA the star of Outlander. She posted on Twitter that she'd been asked if she was pregnant, when in reality she was just bloated from her period. I hate to say that I have totally been there.

People were outraged.

And rightfully so! People immediately came to her defense and were upset on her behalf. It's legit no one's business what your body looks like or does!

Some people thought it was okay to ask.

To which Star Trek: Deep Space Nine creator Ira Steven Behr simply said, "re-think your entire lives."

I just really appreciate the diversity of people who showed up to show her some love.

Women showed up with some of their clever retorts to that invasive question.

I love women who look at questions like that and just flatly deliver total roasts. It's such a polite way to tell someone to mind their own damn business.

The hashtag quickly became a place for women to post empowering selfies.

Many women began replying to CaitrĂ­ona with selfies in solidarity, or posting some in the hashtag. They all showed off how much they loved their bodies exactly as they were.

Women were celebrating each other and their bodies.

Now this is body positivity! Women of all shapes and sizes used the hashtag as an excuse to lift each other up and celebrate each other the way they deserved.

The moms quickly rolled in.

We love moms, guys. This mom said her body doesn't have a washboard stomach because she had 3 perfect daughters. I may just sit here and cry at the strength of women for a while, you go on without me.

Others shared how painful that question truly is.

This tweet truly got to the root cause of why that question causes pain: you have no idea what's happening in someone else's body. It's best to just not comment.

Caitríona was overwhelmed with all the support.

She was shocked that so many people were sharing their stories and finding ways to heal alongside her. The internet can truly be a good place sometimes, huh?