Unsplash | Elena Rouame

10+ Brilliant Husbands Who Hacked Life

Isn't it amazing when you've got someone in your family who is always coming up with creative life solutions? And when that person happens to be your husband, then it's even better. Do you agree with me, ladies?

These husbands prove that the women who married them made the right choice. Now show these to your man, ha, ha.

1. This Remote Control Solution

If you've got a busy household, you're probably always looking for the remote control. Does that sound familiar? Well, if it does, then you should take a note from this husband's playbook and make a contraption like this one.

2. This Makeup Organization

Leave it to this creative husband to come up with the most logical makeup organization solution. Who knew that the egg carton would be the perfect idea to store all your nail polishes inside of it? I certainly didn't.

3. This Wine Opening Hack

What happens when the wife wants wine, but you seem to have lost that corkscrew? This guy didn't get frustrated at all. Instead, he came up with a clever way to open up that bottle of wine.

4. This Drink Helper

Aw, how sweet of this husband to make an extra-long straw for his wife who pulled a muscle. Now she doesn't have to move to get a sip of that refreshing drink. Isn't that so thoughtful?

5. This Ice Cream Holder

How do you make ice cream cones for five members of your family? That's how. You use an egg carton to hold them up while you finish the job. Then you can transport them safely to the intended recipients.

6. This Butter Softening Solution

How do you soften butter when you're in a hurry? This smart husband figured out a way. I've got to admit I wouldn't have thought of it, but now that I see it, it makes perfect sense.

7. This Handy Man

What is a lady to do when she needs to stack a few Pyrex in the freezer? Hmm, this lady's husband cut some wood planks so she can fit these in there. Isn't that so cool?

8. This Champagne Chilling Idea

This husband had to think quick on his feet when the champagne wasn't chilled enough. So he wrapped it in an ice pack, and it seemed to work out just fine. I like that solution indeed.

9. This Drink Cooler Pad

Speaking of keeping your drinks cool, how about this nifty solution here? This husband used a small ice pack as a perfect cold coaster for his drink. Heck, if it works, then why not, right?

10. This Man On A Mission

It's never fun to realize that your shirt is full of lint, and the lint roller is nowhere in sight. This husband was in that situation, but he made the best of it any way he could.

11. This Candle Maker

How do you bring romance back into your life? If you're this husband, you can make a candle out of an orange peel and some oil for the most beautiful ambiance ever. Aw, I love that idea.

12. This Valentine's Day Present

What do you give your wife for Valentine's Day when she's trying to avoid chocolates? Well, this husband made the cutest and healthiest veggie bouquet I have ever seen. I bet his wife loved it.

13. This Christmas Tree Saver

Why go through all that trouble of putting up Christmas tree decorations and then taking them down? When you can just wrap the whole tree in saran wrap and save it for next year. It's pretty genius. Isn't it?

Oh my goodness, how clever are these husbands, huh?

I have to admit I loved all the ideas here. But I want to know, has your husband ever come up with any smart solutions like these before? Come on, brag a little.