85 Year Old Julie Andrews Set To Play A 'Naughty Woman' In Her Latest Role

Julie Andrews is the closest thing Hollywood will ever get to royalty. Tragically I wish we could see more of her, but she is just too classy to be hanging out around most of Hollywood these days, but I digress.

Known for her iconic roles in The Sound of Music and Mary Poppins, the 85-year-old is the epitome of elegance, grace, and talent wrapped up into one, tasty tea sandwich named JULIE!

Julie Andrews is known for being a lot of things, and needless to say, naughty is NOT one of them! So when she revealed her latest role will have her stepping outside of her comfort zone, fans couldn't have been more ~intrigued~ by the idea of a saucy Ms. Andrews.

The 85-year-old will be narrating the new, sassy Netflix period comedy, Bridgerton.

Her character, Lady Whistledown is described as "a mysterious and rather sharp-tongued gossip writer of the day."

Set in the 1800's, this Shonda Rhimes produced series is based on the best selling books by author Julia Quinn. A TV series based off a book? Now there's a revolutionary concept!

Bridgerton follows the eight siblings of the Bridgerton clan as they engage with society’s upper crusts in a romantic dramedy filled with courtship, manners and gossip.

Speaking with Parade Julie teased the show's opening line.

"Of all bitches, human or otherwise, there’s none worse than the gossip columnist," she revealed. It's almost enough to make me grab my imaginary pearls!

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She goes on to describe the show as "scandalous and romantic, quick-witted, with lots and lots of friendships, families finding their way and mothers protecting their daughters—you can imagine all the intrigue."

She described Lady Whistledown as "a tart, and a bit of a naughty woman" and, even though she (sadly) doesn’t appear on-screen, she is integral to the plot. I can't believe Julia landed my dream job – gossiping all day in her PJs *and* getting paid for it!

"I occasionally guide it, twist it, point it in some direction or another," she explained.

"I can make or break anybody, it seems if I wish."

Me too, Ms. Whistledown, me too.

The new Netflix series will be premiering on Christmas Day. So basically, it's perfect for when I'm absolutely sick of watching Christmas movies all day and need to kick back and relax with a glass of wine and the extra pumpkin pie I made for MYSELF.

Will you be watching this new, naughty show? Let us know in the comments below!

h/t: Parade.

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