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Mom Shares Young Daughter's Brilliant Response After She Was Body-Shamed By A Friend

In today's world, raising kids can be a difficult task where bullying is harsher than ever. With social media becoming such a big factor in our everyday lives, some of our kids undergo immense struggles with trying to fit in and stand up to those who are rude and outright nasty to them.

Seeing our kids get picked on is always difficult.

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While some realize that bullying is something that we cannot always control, seeing our kids go through it is still always painful and hurtful to deal with.

Some parents try their best to teach their children to rise above bullies.

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Instead of sinking to their level, some parents try to raise their children to "rise above" the bullying and "be better" than those who cannot be.

Recently, mom blogger Mel Watts shared how her eight-year-old daughter, Ivie, responded to her bully.

On her Facebook page, she shared:

"There are many moments I have worried that my parenting style isn’t working, some of my kids are harder to parent than the next, some are more sensitive and some are much stronger in certain aspects."

A friend of her daughter used an unkind name to describe Ivie's body. So, Ivie wrote her a letter in response.

"This letter Ivie wrote to a friend who used an unkind name to describe Ivie, it wasn’t meant in a nasty way, I think it was more of a conversation but the one word stuck with her. It made her feel uncomfortable, stand on scales at home and question her body shape," the mom said.

While the name was a bit harsh on Ivie, the mom said she didn't think it was meant "maliciously."

"Now the other child involved is a different personality to Ivie, a little stronger and has a different sense of [humor] to sensitive Ivie. Both [are] little girls, and both [are] learning their way in the world," Mel said.

But, Ivie had the perfect response.

In her letter, Ivie wrote, "... but this is my body, and I love who I am. I’ll never change it and I don’t care what you or other people think about myself I know my mummy and dads [sic] and family love me."

Mel was so proud of her daughter for her articulation and positivity about her own body.

"I’m done. I have mastered parenting and everything else will easy right? I have always taught my kids to love their bodies, it’s their only body and their only chance to live a beautiful life. I tell them they need to respect it and their body deserves the respect back," she added.

And, above all, Mel said it was a lesson for both of the girls.

"I’m so proud of Ivie (8) for standing up for her body, and her feelings. I’m also extremely happy that the other girl acknowledged that Ivie's feelings were hurt - they were friends again afterwards," she wrote.

It's so beautiful when our kids practice empathy and understanding, rather than anger.

Mel was so proud of her daughter, and so are we! Ivie is teaching all of us a thing or two about rising above anger and bullying. Way to go, Ivie!

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