Maren Morris Slams CMAs After Charley Pride Dies Of COVID-19

Maren Morris is never one to hold back. The outspoken country singer can always be counted on to keep it real. So when the devastating news of country legend Charley's Pride death broke this past weekend, Maren was quick to speculate that the singer had contracted his deadly diagnosis of COVID-19 from the indoor award show a month before.

There's no denying pandemic award shows have been kind of... lame. No live audience, no hugs — it's all so weird! However, it is what is safest right now and isn't that what truly matters?!

After seeing the COVID-friendly award shows from this past summer, the CMAs decided to host a comparably not-so-safe award show that featured artists sitting close together at tables with few attendees wearing masks.

Sadly, tragedy has struck in the aftermath of the award show. Country legend Charley Pride died in Dallas on Saturday at the age of 86 a month after performing at the CMAs.

In the wake of Charley's death, some fans are wondering if the indoor award show caused the legendary singer's illness.

In a since deleted tweet, Maren Morris called out the lax COVID-19 protocols at last month's Country Music Awards.

"I don’t want to jump to conclusions because no family statement has been made, but if this was a result of the CMAs being indoors, we should all be outraged. Rest in power, Charley," the 30-year-old tweeted, according to Us Weekly.

The Country Music Association released a statement following Charley's death, defending their safety measures.

"Everyone affiliated with the CMA Awards followed strict testing protocols outlined by the city health department and unions. Charley was tested prior to traveling to Nashville. He was tested upon landing in Nashville, and again on show day, with all tests coming back negative. After returning to Texas following the CMA Awards, Charley again tested negative multiple times," the statement read.

"All of us in the Country Music community are heartbroken by Charley’s passing. Out of respect for his family during their grieving period, we will not be commenting on this further."

After deleting her tweet, Maren instead gave a tribute to the country music legend.

"Your voice. Your humility. The fact that the first time I ever visited the Opry, you were backstage holding court and I was trying not to eavesdrop," she wrote.

Our thoughts are with Charley's family during this difficult time.

h/t: Us Weekly.

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