Woman Makes Her Gargoyle Festive In Response To Neighbor Who Said It Was 'Not Appropriate'

If you're one of those people who loves to decorate your front lawn, listen up. You might enjoy this next story.

What if somebody told you they didn't approve of your outdoor decorations? How would you react? Would you take them down or stand firm? What this one Facebook user did in response to a rude letter is both creative and pretty appropriate — in my opinion, at least.

Facebook user Vicky Matter has a gargoyle on her front porch, which she lovingly named Frank.

Unsplash | Donovan Reeves

Recently, she received a note from a neighbor suggesting that Frank was, "not appropriate". They even had the nerve to say that it wasn't keeping with the Christmas spirit. But, instead of getting mad, she took it in stride.

She did the one thing she thought would be "appropriate" and dressed up the gargoyle in a Santa hat, ha, ha!

Apparently, Vicky's neighbor (whom she refers to as "Karen") wasn't amused at all and still demanded that she rectify the situation ASAP.

When Vicky received a second note, the neighbor asked if she thought she was being "funny".

Well, I guess Vicky thinks she is because what followed were even more festive decorations joining the gargoyle. This time, Vicky decided to get the Elf on the Shelf in on the fun and added a little Christmas tree.

Vicky then decided that she should keep adding a new item to her porch each day in the spirit of an advent calendar.

Her only wish was that her porch was bigger so she could really deck everything out. She then added a cute snowman to the party.

She even brought Bruce Willis' 'Die Hard' character to join in the fun.

Did you realize that some people don't consider Die Hard a Christmas movie? How dare they? Die Hard will always be a classic in my book, ha, ha!

If you're wondering, Vicky's neighbor continues to leave critical notes in response to the growing display.

Vicky tried to convince one of her cats to sit outside in a costume as part of her display, kind of like one of those living nativity displays.

The cats declined, so a "festive" skeleton cat had to do the job. OMG, I love it.

After a few days of adding to the display, Vicky got another note.

"Got another note on my door when I arrived home from work today. Karen informed me that I'm being 'beyond childish' and my behavior is ridiculous'," Vicky said in a Facebook update, but, she still had no plans of stopping.

The neighbor even threatened to report Vicky to their homeowner association.

But in response, Vicky added more Halloween decorations dressed up in holiday outfits to amplify the holiday spirit. Take a look at that, er, cute skeleton dog.

"I made sure to put a collar and tags on him. I don’t want Karen reporting me to the county for having an unlicensed dog!" Vicky said in her post.

Aww, look at this festive display!

Who on earth would have a problem with this? Well, as it turns out, Vicky's neighbor doesn't think hippos have anything to do with Christmas, according to another one of their anonymous notes. So what, I say! So what?

As you can imagine, this whole decor duel has gone back and forth.

I don't know who's enjoying it more — Vicky or her neighbor. Or, is it us watching it all unfold online? Ha, ha! Either way, it's been a fun ride.

It sounds to me like this neighbor has nothing better to do than accost people for the decorations on their lawn.

Facebook | Vicky Matter

If only they had a better sense of humor, just like most people on Facebook who are loving this whole scenario play out. In fact, Vicky's Facebook posts and updates have generated over 321,000 shares on the platform, and thousands of reactions and comments.

Unfortunately, it looks like someone wasn't enjoying the display as much as Vicky was.

Vicky discovered the display was knocked down recently. Thankfully, she was able to fix her decorations and as her story continues to gain popularity online, she even set up a Facebook page for people to follow with updates about Frank.

So what did I tell you? Wasn't this fun?

I can't wait to see how this will all unfold — it's almost like the plot of a Christmas movie. Who do you think will win? Vicky or her neighbor?

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