Heidi Klum And Her 16-Year-Old Daughter Looks Like Twins In Rare Photo

Most of us look at least a little bit like one of our parents and sometimes even both! While we usually understand it's a compliment if someone tells us we look like our parents, I'm sure that if our parents were literally supermodels, that compliment would ring a little bit more true.

Heidi Klum has shared some rare photos with her 16-year-old daughter Leni, and the fact that they look so similar is definitely a compliment for both of them!

Heidi Klum is one of the most famous supermodels of all time.

Not only does the world know and love her for her modelling work for places like Sports Illustrated or the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, we've also grown to love her for her work on America's Got Talent and Project Runway.

Heidi is also a mother of four.

Heidi shares three children with her ex, musician Seal, as well as one child from a previous relationship. Heidi is notoriously private with her children, and tends to avoid sharing photographs of their faces on social media.

Her oldest, a daughter named Leni, has decided to follow in her mom's modelling footsteps, and it's clear why!

Heidi recently shared a rare photograph with her mother and her daughter, making it clear that the Klum genes are certainly strong!

Fans shared the photograph on multiple platforms, with many noting how much Leni looks like her mother.

"She's Heidi's mini-me!" one fan wrote alongside the image.

We would definitely agree with that! The whole family is absolutely stunning.

"Leni, you are so beautiful just like your mom!" one fan wrote on Leni's Instagram page.

"You're Heidi's twin when she was younger!" another enthused.

We definitely see a bright future ahead for Leni's modelling career!

What do you think? Does Leni look like her mother? Let us know how you feel in the comments below!