People Are Calling Out Kate Middleton For Making A Spelling Mistake During Royal Tour

Being a member of the royal family would be very hard work. I mean... I wouldn't know, but I can only imagine how EXHAUSTING it would be to have your life on full display. And yes, they have a lot of money and yes, they don't work a "real job" but they have problems too! They make mistakes! Mistakes that the whole world gets to judge them for, which I think is so RUDE!

See that? It's called empathy. I'm being empathetic to the royal family. Might as well start calling me Mother Teresa from now on.

Now look, I'm going to be honest with you all — I love the royal family. I made the weddings of both William and Kate *and* Meghan and Harry my own personal holidays.

I love to keep up with these crazy kids and I believe they're doing positive things for Britain and the WORLD, to be honest.

Take, for example, William and Kate's festive train tour across the country. Imagine your grandma was not only the queen, but was also able to lend you her ROYAL TRAIN?! Now that's the dream!

The pair have been able to personally thank countless essential workers during this holiday season train tour.

However, Kate found herself in a bit of a bungle after fans spotted a supposed spelling error in a message she left for the transport workers at Euston Train Station.


On the whiteboard, Kate wrote: "Thank you to all transport workers everywhere for keeping the coutry [*sic*] moving throughout this difficult year. Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas! Catherine, William."

While many fans were delighted to see the sweet note, others quickly noticed that the duchess had seemingly misspelled the word "country" by leaving the "n" out.

In a move that I'm sure will come as a surprise to you all, the internet began making fun of her.

"Come on she is damn near 40 & cannot spell the word country or visiting, what is even more shameful is that she was copying from a card," wrote one Twitter user.

@kellymariebat tweeted, "Penmanship illegible. Since Meghan arrived on the scene we can see the true Kate , she is not that bright like her husband. Perfect match."

"I am shocked that this level of illiteracy is praised at the supposedly highest level of British society," wrote another.

People then began to point out that there were apparently multiple spelling errors.

"How is it heartfelt if she is copying from a cue card and made 4 mistakes?" tweeted @TeboMosian.

However, not everyone was quick to say it was a mistake.

"It’s cursive... you know that style where you merge letters together..." wrote @KaylaAdams___.

"I don’t think there was a typo, I think it’s how she writes. She flattens out all the n’s," agreed @KemiOwonibi.

Some even believed it was a CONSPIRACY, as Kate was photographed holding a card and copying her message off of it.

"The spelling errors were already on the card. She did a perfect job!!!" tweeted one user.


Ultimately, it seems like people truly could not let this tiny spelling mistake GO!

It's nearing the end of 2020, everyone. What did you expect?! SHAKESPEARE?!

As someone that makes typos every single day, it is not my place to judge!

I think the sentiment was nice and that people are just looking for things to pick on Kate for!

What do you think about the typo? Is it cursive, a conspiracy, or did she just make a HUMAN error? Let us know in the comments below!

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