Henry Cavill Injured On 'The Witcher' Set, Production Delayed

Can 2020 leave anything alone?!

One of the few bonuses of this year is that since so many people are stuck at home, there are that many more people to get into all the best shows available on streaming services like Netflix or Disney+, and The Witcher is definitely one of the best of the best.

It looks like the filming of the second season is facing a delay due to an injury on set.

Everyone has been waiting with bated breath for season two of the smash hit series *The Witcher*.

The Witcher, based on a book series of the same name which was popularized by a video game series also of the same name, follows Geralt of Rivera played by the hunky Henry Cavill as he hunts monsters in a magical, medieval setting.

However, filming on season 2 is facing its third delay.

Filming was initially delayed due to the pandemic early in the year, and was delayed again when filming resumed in the summer due to members of the cast and crew contracting the coronavirus. Now, the set is facing a third delay due to an injury sustained by Henry Cavill.

“The filming has been hit because of what happened to Henry. He was on an assault course and injured his leg,” a source has told The Sun.

“He just suddenly pulled up and was clearly in a lot of pain,” the source continued.

Luckily, they report that Henry's injury “wasn’t bad enough to need an ambulance but it’s messed up the filming schedule as he can’t walk properly. He has to wear heavy armor in the scenes and he just wouldn’t be able to do it with his leg injury.”

It's not clear at the moment how much of a delay this will add to the filming or if this will effect when season 2 premieres.

We're wishing Henry a speedy recovery, and hope that he can get back to work soon!

h/t: The Sun