Fans Discuss Their Unpopular Opinions About Marvel Movies

For the past two decades, audiences around the world have been inundated with comic book movies. The cream of the crop, without question, has been the incredible offering of films that help comprise the MCU.

Since 2008, there have been a total of 23 films in the Marvel Universe. As you can imagine, they can at times be quite polarizing. Have a look as fans (myself included) discuss their unpopular opinions about Marvel movies. Thanks Reddit!

*Doctor Strange* is the worst movie in the MCU.

What Doctor Strange lacks more than anything else is any semblance of a true villain.

Take away the Inception-style cinematography and CGI, and what you're left with is easily the most boring Marvel movie to date.

Andrew Garfield is a better Spider-Man than Tom Holland.

Any 'True Believer' understands that one of the biggest components of Spider-Man's personality is his humor.

Tom Holland is great at playing awkward, but one thing he lacks terribly is a funny bone.

Clint and not Natasha should've died in *Endgame*.

At this point in the story, it's clear that Clint had surrendered himself to his demons. His death could have been a purging of the soul and a much more understandable sacrifice.

Instead, we needlessly lost The Black Widow.

*Captain America* is the most overrated Avenger.

Captain America is the weakest of the strong Avengers. He's the slowest of the fast and has arguably the most useless weapon/accessory in the entire MCU.

How on earth did this boy scout ever become a leader?

The dance-off scene in *The Guardians Of The Galaxy* is cringeworthy.

Have you ever been watching a movie when all of a sudden something happens that's so uncalled for, so out of character, that all you can do in response is to cock your head to the side and exclaim "huh?"

That's this scene for me, in a nutshell.

Natalie Portman will make a better Thor than Chris Hemsworth.

Chris Hemsworth has made an amazing Thor, but he's at his best when he's being silly and goofing around.

Natalie's version of the character will look to restore some of the mystique and stoicism that's been lost over the years.

Wade Wilson in *Deadpool* is more heroic than Peter Quill in *The Guardians Of The Galaxy*..

Peter Quill is kind of a selfish jerk for the first 90 minutes of the movie. he isn't concerned for anything or anyone other than himself.

Wade is no Captain America, but his sense of morality is much more intact than Peter's seems to be.

*Black Panther* is actually one of the worst Marvel movies ever made.

Let me just say that I don't think Black Panther is the worst Marvel movie, but nor would I place it anywhere near the top 5.

I'm inclined to agree that it does feel rushed, and somewhat slapped together.

Bucky and not Falcon should've become the new Captain America.

Bucky and Steve were BFF.

Cap betrayed the entire Avengers team in the interest of protecting his old war buddy, so why on earth would he choose to pass the mantle to Sam Wilson?

Captain American should have died in *Endgame*.

We all knew that in the end, it would boil down to either Cap or Tony making the ultimate sacrifice. Captain America was the leader of the team, hence it should have been him to go down with the ship.

Mark Ruffalo is the worst Bruce Banner.

This is more of a commentary on how many incredible actors have played The Hulk over the past few decades than it is a slight against Mark.

But if we're being honest, he can't match Edward Norton's conviction, nor can he compete with Eric Bana's rage. He's quite simply the most "aww shucks" Hulk that has ever been.

*Thor: The Dark World* is a better movie than *Thor*.

Not only does it tell a better story, but Dark World offers a far more accurate portrayal of the Thor we've grown accustomed to.

Plus, they'd stopped dying Chris Hemsworth's eyebrows by this point, so that on its own should be enough to edge out the competition.

*Infinity War* is a better movie than *Endgame*.

I was shocked to learn that there were those out there who would argue otherwise? Be honest people, Endgame is boring!

It's about an hour longer than it needs to be and is only regarded as a great film because of the death of Tony Stark.

'Fat Thor' is the best version of the character.

It was a huge risk for both Marvel and Chris Hemsworth to attempt to portray a larger-than-life version of the God of Thunder.

It paid dividends to such an incredible degree that I never want to see anything other than a plus-sized Thor ever again.

Thanos was justified.

How do you quantify a life? Do the ends justify the means? Is the sacrifice of the few worth the longevity of the many?

These were the questions that Thanos philosophized over before the creation of his grand plan. He may have been a monster and an egomaniacal tyrant, but that doesn't make him wrong.