Dad Endures 30 Hours To Get A Tattoo That Matches His Son's Birthmark

Some parents love their children so much, they will do just about anything to make them feel loved and accepted. When we bring children into this world, the one thing we always want them to know is that no matter what, we will do anything to see them smile. It's the little things in life that truly matter to us and our kids.

When our kids have something that makes them different, they often feel ashamed and uncomfortable.

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Many kids look at their appearance as something that defines them. As parents, we always want to strive to make our kids feel okay.

Recently, one father decided he would go above and beyond to ensure his son felt seen in the world.

Derek Prue Sr. from Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada knew that his son felt different due to a large birthmark he was born with. The birthmark takes up a large portion of his chest.

Derek Prue Sr. said his son used to be "so proud" of his birthmark when he was younger.

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But, as he got older, he noticed that his son started to "cover it up" a lot whenever he was to have his shirt off, like in the summer when they would go to the pool.

The dad realized as his son got older, he was a bit more self-conscious about the birthmark.

“I think he was maybe a little bit self-conscious about it. I was [sic] wanted to get the same thing so he wouldn’t be the only one,” the dad said in an interview.

Derek Prue Sr. then decided to get a tattoo, matching the very birthmark that his son has.

He embarked on the process of getting his own birthmark by contacting a local tattoo shop, Juicy Quill Tattoo, to help him with his unique design request. The shop even shared a Facebook post about this story calling the tattoo one of the, "...coolest and most [noble] things I’ve ever seen."

However, the father had no idea how long this tattoo would actually take.

“I thought it was going to be a one session kind of thing. But three hours turned into about 30 hours. So it’s been a bit of a process,” Derek Sr. said.

All in all, the tattoo took a total of nine different sessions at the tattoo shop.

Each time, the dad was asking the tattoo artist if "he was done yet," but every time, there was way more for him to go.

The best part? His son had no idea that his dad was planning to surprise him!

“I just kind of took my shirt off. He was wearing his shirt. I showed him that I had the exact same mark as him," the dad said about surprising his son.

His son was shocked and super grateful for his dad's love and support.

In a video shared by the family, his son can be heard saying, "That's so cool" when seeing his father with a matching birthmark for the first time.

We love parents who go above and beyond for their kids!

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