Quotes For When You Know What You Want — And It's To Be Left Alone

As an introvert who struggles with social anxiety, I was made for the new normal of the 2020 global pandemic.

Oh, you mean it's now just socially acceptable to stay home all the time without people saying I "need to get out more" and I can work in my pajamas on the couch while my lapdog props up my laptop? Sign me up.

(Yes, as I write this a snoring shih tzu is acting as my desk.)

And you know what? I do feel more energetic and outgoing these days.

Having to leave my home base to work in a crowded, open office every day used to take a lot of my socializing energy before I could even consider actually hanging out with people in my down time.

Now I'm able to work full time and not limit my social interactions to one or two events per week.

I used to burnout so easily — especially during the highly social holidays — but now I look forward to interacting with people virtually and get energized on the few occasions I get to see a friend in the real world.

Of course, the miasma of stress that comes with the pandemic puts a damper on some of that energy.

However, it has given me an unusual opportunity to see what life would be like if the cultural norms allowed for a more introverted lifestyle, at least for a while.

That said, I do miss seeing familiar faces regularly.

But when things go back to some normalcy, I give it a week before I start hating people again.

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