'Tis The Season To Dress Your Guinea Pig In An Unbelievably Cute Christmas Costume

Most of us have seen dog Christmas outfits and cat Christmas outfits, but we definitely don't see guinea pig Christmas outfits every day... or ever, to be honest.

Well, that is until we discovered these adorable guinea pig Christmas costumes from PetSmart that finally give these cuties the chance to strut their holiday spirit this year.

There are so many costumes for your guinea pig to choose from.

These guinea pig costumes come in a variety of designs including Santa Claus costumes, Mrs. Claus costumes, Christmas tree costumes, buffalo plaid vest costumes, and even happy holidays costumes!

They're making our hearts melt.

These costumes aren't just perfect for holiday cheer — they are also going to make everyone feel positively jolly when they show up on your Instagram profile!

That's right, these little ones are going to sport their costumes just in time for the best holiday photo ops ever, and they're definitely redefining what it means to be festive in fur.

Your guinea pig will be yipping with joy.

With adjustable Velcro, each costume can easily be taken on and off with a comfy cozy fit for your little buddy.

With the exception of the decoration, these are 100% polyester.

Don't let your guinea pig miss the Christmas party.

These adorable costumes are only available at PetSmart in stores and online for around $6.99 each.

Let us know what you think about these in the comments and if you think you'll pick up one (or four) costumes for your own lil guinea pig!

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