These Adorable Cheeseboards Have Us Wanting To Build A Snowman — Out Of Brie

There's nothing quite like a treat that's both adorable and delicious. Most people don't associate cheeseboards with Christmas, but then again, most people haven't seen these cheeseboards.

Especially these delectable snowman cheeseboards which are great additions for anyone's holiday meal spread, or to simply enjoy by themselves. Be prepared to make a lot, because everyone (including us) is going to ask for their share.

They come in many shapes and sizes, all delicious.

The sky doesn't even get close to the limit when it comes to these savory dishes.

They can be made in a variety of patterns with all kinds of goodies included. From round cheeses that come together to form a snowman to cute little crackers that form an adorable backdrop for your cheesy winter wonderland, they're a blast.

There's even more magic if you add a Christmas tree cheeseboard too.

There's not much more we can wish for with the cute little star on this tree made of cheese and snacks.

People have taken to Pinterest and Instagram with their amazing Christmas themed cheeseboards and we can't believe the inventiveness behind them.

For those in need of inspiration, there's plenty available for those who are both seasoned and amateur cheeseboard makers.

They're magical to make with the whole family.

Everyone in the whole family will love putting these together. With so many ways to make them, everyone can have a special job assembling a section of these cheesy masterpieces.

Not to mention, they'll enjoy eating them!

The only thing left to do is head to the grocery store.

Possibly the best part of these cheeseboards is the chance to go to the store and add your favorite goodies. From deciding which ingredients will build your holiday design to what you want to use for garnish, it's like walking in a winter wonderland.

Let us know what you think of these Christmas cheeseboards in the comments and if you plan to make a snowman, Christmas tree or something else!

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