Crochet The Entire 'Friends' Crew With A DIY Kit From Amazon

What's your most-watched show on Netflix? If you're like millions of streamers across the world, Friends is definitely up there.

(If you're me, that answer is actually Star Trek: Voyager.)

If you're looking for a new hobby, allow me to direct you to a DIY kit that will teach you how to crochet the cast of Friends. In the words of Janice: Oh. My. God.

Could this BE any cuter?

Meet the Friends Crochet book, by artist Allison Hoffman. You can create 13 different projects with this bad boy, and trust me when I say you're going to want to make all 13.

The kit comes with detailed instructions on how to make each craft.

Some advanced crocheters have noted that the instructions aren't super clear, so make sure you have some crochet knowledge before you start on making the chick and the duck.

You can make every character from the show.

There's Phoebe and her classic long necklace, Monica in her chef's jacket, Joey and Chandler lookin' stylish, Rachel in her apron, and Ross with his iconic v-neck red sweater and name tag!

The kit is available on Amazon.

You can pick it up for $24.99!

Now, what craft are you going to start with? I'd definitely go for the tiny Marcel the monkey, tbh. In the jungle, the might jungle...