10+ Of The Worst TV Main Characters Of All Time

Main characters get their titles for a reason: they're the main part of the show. The storyline revolves around them and their encounters with other people.

Typically, they're also well-liked by fans. Or, at least, they should be. Some TV shows missed the mark on this by creating leads that are whiney, annoying, and just terrible in general.

Here are 10+ of the worst main characters of all time.

Ross Gellar from *Friends*


Behind his "nerdy" persona was a man-child who was jealous, possessive, and very whiney. He pushed Rachel away, yet blamed her for their breakup.

And when his son played with dolls, his toxic masculinity put an end to it.

Piper Chapman from *Orange Is the New Black*

The list of Piper's wrongdoings is long. And yet, she tries to maintain the "I'm a good girl" act.

Some of her offenses included insulting Red's food, cheating on Larry and then trying to make up excuses, and then insulting Ms. Claudette and Suzanne on the radio.

Rachel Berry from *Glee*


Sure, she had confidence. But deep down, Rachel was incredibly insecure.

Even after so many seasons, she couldn't bear the thought of someone being a better singer than her. This got really old after a while.

Kimmy Schmidt from *The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt*

Being cheery all the time works for SpongeBob Squarepants; it didn't work for Kimmy. After a while, this cheeriness really grated the nerves.

This made Titus Andromedon, a beyond sassy character, seem so much more likable in the viewers' eyes.

Tori Vega from *Victorious*

There is a reason Ariana Grande's career took off while Victoria Justice's didn't. Tori was so unlikeable as the main character!

She had a bad personality and was incredibly toxic to her friends, like when she kissed Jade's boyfriend and ruined her prom.

Eric Forman from *That '70s Show*


We tend to think of Eric as the funny guy with the one-liners and quick-witted humor.

But we can't overlook how many times he broke Donna's poor heart, including right before their wedding. Not cool.

Serena van der woodsen from *Gossip Girl*

Serena wasn't too different than her rich, egotistical friends.

She slept with her best friend's boyfriend, got a man killed, and then tried to take Blair down instead of letting her friend have the spotlight for once.

Rory Gilmore from *Gilmore Girls*

This is a hard one to write, but Rory just did too many unforgivable things.

First, she wanted to choose a boy over going to a good school. And then, she had an affair with Dean.

Lorelai Gilmore from *Gilmore Girls*

She used her humor to hide a lot of her personality flaws, like breaking up with someone for no good reason and starting endless drama with her parents.

Rory learned some bad habits from her.

Arthur from *Arthur*

We finally understand why DW was always bugging her older brother, Arthur. The dude was sooo annoying.

He was very whiney, always wore that lame yellow sweater, and he even punched DW in one episode!

Carrie Bradshaw from *Sex and the City*


This is another one that's hard to write. But Carrie was incredibly selfish when it came to her friends. She would go on and on about her life, but would never listen to any of her problems.

She also had that affair with Big.

Hannah Horvath from *Girls*


For a main character, she sure was unlikeable. In at least every episode, she did something horrible to her friends.

And since she had a privileged childhood, viewers were supposed to accept this as an excuse for her not knowing any better.

Michael Bluth from *Arrested Development*

He's known as the glue and stability of his family, but beneath the surface, he was quite the smug narcissist.

He came off as very controlling and used his family's mistakes and flaws to boost his own gain the majority of the time.

Rachel Green from *Friends*

Rachel had a lot more in common with Ross than she'd care to admit.

She was also whiny, controlling, and very self-entitled. She always wanted Ross to move on, yet she dashed all of his attempts, like when she balded his girlfriend.

Jenny Humphrey from *Gossip Girl*

Oh, Jenny. She was such a sweet character at the beginning of the series. But that all changed when popularity became so important to her.

She kept betraying her friends and family until she was someone we no longer recognized, both literally and figuratively.

President Fitzgerald Grant from *Scandal*


Ugh, this guy. He prided himself on being a good guy, but he was having an affair with his wife.

When Olivia was kidnapped, he was even willing to sacrifice millions of lives just to get his mistress back.

Andrea Harrison from *The Walking Dead*

Before Andrea met The Governor, she was the embodiment of female empowerment. She was strong, smart, and so badass.

But it all went out the window for a man (a messed-up one, no less). She had so many chances to kill The Governor but kept passing them up.

Jake Peralta from *Brooklyn 99*


Now, don't get us wrong, Jake Peralta is a hilarious character — one that is insanely talented at solving crime.

But it's hard to look past his shameless tactics, from never cleaning his desk or locker to always taking all of the credit.

Ted Mosby from *How I Met Your Mother*

This man was quite a disappointment. We listened to him tell a story about how he met his wife for nine seasons, only for him to end up with his kids' aunt.

Plus, all his stories about sex were totally inappropriate to share with his children.