Woman Pays For Multiple Strangers' Groceries: 'I Just Wanted To Bring Smiles'

Many of us have seen — or even been — the frazzled person at the grocery checkout forced to decide what to give up when the total comes to more than what's in their bank account.

Besides being a moment of panic, it's also embarrassing, which just adds to the stress.

Maybe you've even been the person in line who offers to pay that last few bucks and seen how it can brighten someone's day.

It's an amazing feeling to be able to do that for someone.

In a year where so many more people are struggling, mother-of-three Brandy Bisson was looking for a way to give back to a community who had been so generous to her.

Earlier in the year, the COVID-19 crisis had ruined plans for her seven-year-old son, Thomas' birthday. So the neighborhood rallied to buy gifts and planned a drive-by birthday parade.

Wanting to pay that kindness forward, Brandy saw her opportunity at the grocery store.

"On a whim" she decided to pay for the groceries of multiple people in line.

"With the pandemic and everything and all the election stuff, I just wanted to bring smiles to people’s faces," she told WMUR-9.

Altogether, she paid for more than $600 in groceries for eight strangers.

News of her generosity might not have spread beyond the neighborhood, save that one of the cashiers who was touched by the act, wrote about in on their Facebook page.

Inspired by the good vibes and wanting to keep the spirit of giving strong, Brandy hasn't stopped with the giving.

She paid for two families' Thanksgiving dinners and plans to continue buying as many groceries as her budget allows.

Brandy has also started a small GoFundMe campaign in hopes of raising some more money with which to help those in need.

"We’ve been on both ends of the spectrum so to speak," she says, "It’s not a good feeling when you don’t know where you’re going to get food for your kids."

h/t: WMUR-9

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