Puppy Saved From Jaws Of Alligator Gets Deputized By Sheriff's Office

Where I live, the biggest concern in terms of my small dogs' safety and local wildlife is semi-regular coyote sightings and the occasional angry goose.

I couldn't imagine living in a place with alligators when my one pup is a master of getting too close to the river's edge. It's bad enough bathing the muddy green water stains off him afterwards.

So when I saw this video of an owner jumping into a pond to pry the jaws of an alligator off his tiny puppy, I was impressed.

I mean, it was a small alligator, but those teeth are still sharp, and the puppy, whose name is Gunner, is tiny.

The footage was caught on camera by the fStop Foundation, which has been working with the Florida Wildlife Federation on a project called Sharing the Landscape. The project aims to document all the incredible wildlife humans share the space with.

Thankfully, Gunner's human, Richard Wilbanks, wasn't going to let the alligator win.

Gunner, who is a four-month-old King Charles Cavalier, escaped with only one puncture wound and is doing just fine.

The viral video of his rescue got the attention of the Lee County Sheriff's Office, and they decided to recognize Gunner's bravery by making him a Deputy Dog.

Sheriff Carmine Marceno made the announcement and gave Gunner his very own badge on Dec 10, 2020.

The pup will be the Safety and Security Officer of the Deputy Dogs program, and will help teach kids about all sorts of ways to stay safe, be it on the school bus or near alligator-filled ponds.

He's clearly the perfect puppy for the job!


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