Spread Holiday Humor (And Nothing Else) With A COVID-Themed Christmas Tree

It would be a pure understatement to say that 2020 has been complicated.

Now that Christmas during the pandemic is approaching, many of us are feeling an overwhelming need to laugh through the tears with some COVID-themed Christmas trees.

It's impossible to look away from, or ignore what our lives have become while living in the pandemic, so for some, putting it on display for the holidays is a way to have a little catharsis and share some holiday humor, if nothing else.

It's a little silly and a little stupid.

Okay, truth be told, this isn't everyone's cup of tea when it comes to needing a laugh.

Yet, for others, it's humorous gold that's definitely unmasked.

Many may think COVID themed trees are depressing and morbid, but some think they're a way of using laughter to cope.

Toilet paper ornaments are pretty outrageous.

With people scouring the stores for toilet paper after frenzies of people have purchased them in bulk due to pandemic anxiety, maybe toilet paper tree ornaments aren't the best idea.

We can only hope that people plan to use those rolls for more practical purposes after their pictures are taken.

Either way, for those that are fans of outrageous and slightly controversial humor, this one is for you.

People are getting pretty creative with these pandemic trees.

We have to give people some credit for many of these outside the tissue box ideas.

While they are COVID-19 inspired, many still maintain their Christmas charm.

Yet, for some of us, the toilet paper and mask faces on the trees are a little scary, but also a bit hilarious.

In all seriousness, stay home and wear a mask like your tree is.

The pandemic is no laughing matter and the best part about these trees is that they're inside homes, where people should be for the holidays.

Supplies shouldn't be wasted and toilet paper and clean masks need to be used for intended purposes first and foremost.

Whether they make you or one of your loved ones laugh, these may be a great way to have a few smiles amidst difficult times.

Let us know what you think of these COVID trees in the comments and if you think you'd ever make your own.

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