Ditch The Garland And Turn Your Staircase Into A Snowy Penguin Slide

Just when we thought Christmas couldn't get any cuter, these snowy penguin slides proved us wrong.

There's nothing quite like seeing a bunch of penguins slide down the stairs to pick up their presents on Christmas morning.

These little ones have taken Pinterest and other pages by storm, and it's easy to see why!

These penguins have us feeling pretty jolly.

There's no need for your banister to be empty or covered with the typical decor everyone always uses when there's a way to make it look like a snow-covered winter wonderland with a family of penguins on their way.

What we're saying is, your family and friends will love them, and so will your Instagram followers.

The penguin options are endless.

Possibly the best part of this decoration idea is that there are so many different styles of penguins.

From DIY ones to store-bought ones and others that are plushies, plastic, and made of other materials, there's a penguin or two or three out there for everyone.

Etsy and Amazon are two winners for picking up these little ones.

If you don't feel like hitting up an online retailer for your penguins, you definitely don't have to.

These little guys could be as simple as stuffed penguins you find at a toy store, or even in your own kids' bedrooms!

As long as they're willing to share, you could turn their favorite flightless friends into a festive decor piece!

There's no such thing as too many penguins in the snow.

Most art stores sell cotton snow for Christmas decor, and it really is as simple as using tape or a safe adhesive of your choice to attach the snow to the banister.

Then it's just a matter of deciding how many penguins you'd like to have frolicking in the snow.

If you really want your display to stand out, try adding some lights to the bannister first and then add your cotton "snow." Once you have your little cuties on there, it's just a matter of plugging those lights in and watching your snowy slope come to life!

But why just stop at penguins? There are plenty of animals who'd love a snow slide, right?

Unsplash | Hans-Jurgen Mager

If you happen to have some adorable polar bears lying around (of the stuffed variety, not the real thing), I think they'd also make a wonderful feature on your snowy stair slide!

Or even seals!

All of these penguins are sledding right into our hearts.

Even if penguins aren't quite your thing, this is the perfect idea for the penguin lovers in your life.

Whether they're young or old, any and all penguin fans will feel the holiday spirit as they enjoy the company of these sledding penguins.

Let us know what you think of these penguins and if you plan to add them to your Christmas decor plans.

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