Quotes For People Who Live For That 'Package Has Been Delivered' Feeling

Do you guys remember when we first went into lockdown and literally everything closed, and you couldn't go to the grocery store or (gasp) the mall anymore? And we all just sort of decided that online shopping was how we were going to cope with the state of the world?

Yeah, same.

Nine months later, I still haven't stopped shopping for everything online. In fact, it's become my new favorite obsession. If you're also the kind of person who lives for the thrill of finding out your package has been delivered, I think you're really going to enjoy these quotes.

That it, that's the *sweet spot*.

Sometimes you get lucky and they show up while he's gone so you can stow them away in the basement like you're harboring some dirty little secret. Which, I mean, you kinda are.

But sometimes the delivery is a little late and the door bell rings at dinner time and you have to watch with dread in your stomach while your husband goes to answer the door.

"I need to...but I won't..."

Isn't it enough that I can admit I have an obsession? Isn't it enough that I know I have a problem?

You know what, I think it is and I see no reason to try and change my habits, thank you very much.

Oh well.

I could be one of those moms who "wows" her family with a brand new Pinterest recipe every single night for dinner, and who absolutely slays at decorating for every holiday, and who's on top of all the latest fashion trends.

But I'd much rather be the mom who has a basement full of Amazn Prime boxes that she's hiding from her suspicious husband. That's more my speed.

Oh right, he might want something.

If I don't start actually shopping for him soon, he'll end up with a pair of women's size 8 boots and a matching scarf for Christmas... Although then he may just decide I'm better off having them, and that doesn't sound so bad to be honest.

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